To market to market

Woke up after a rather restless night around 6am. We played on our laptops till about 9am when we finally headed out the door in search of breakfast. I had bought some cereal to have in the room but Kevin felt like having breakfast out, so I suggested we drive down to the lake because there was bound to be a cafe there.


Unfortunatley I was wrong. Well, we couldn’t find one anyway. So we ended up driving around for a bit – out to where I remembered a cafe/kiosk in the park we’d taken the girls. We did find it but it wasn’t open yet. No to worry, we did find these very cute kangaroos.


One even had a joey.


Seeing kangaroos like this is very rare so even us Aussie’s still get excited :-).

Onwards we drove, finally finding a cafe in Kingston. I was starving by this time … it was now 10am.


This was part cafe and part bike shop. And yes, I did stop to pat the puppy.


Because I was beyond hungry I really didn’t know what I wanted but with the mood I was now in (blaming Kevin because he wanted to eat out) I thought it only fitting to order some toasted turkish bread with cranky pants jam :-).



I don’t know what kind of jam it was but it was delicious.

Next up was the handmade markets we had come to see. Unfortunately they didn’t really have what I was after. There were lots of things for babies, young children and lots of jewellery but no much in the way of Christmas presents that I was looking for. In fact I only bought 2 things for myself and some cupcakes.


There were some other items I like but felt they were too expensive…like these very cute reindeers..


and these tea cossies…which I’m sure I could make myself…


I also loved this giant tea pot garden fountain – if only I had the right place for it….


I wasn’t too upset as markets can be like this – either you want everything or nothing. We decided to go check out the other markets at the Old Bus Depot.


But again, a big nothing – except for some delicious looking strawberries and raspberries :-).

It was only lunchtime and we’d already done the two things we had planned. We thought we’d head out to the Deep Space Station, hoping we’d be there before the big dark clouds rolled in.


But alas, we never made it as the road was closed :-(.


On the way back I spotted Telstra Tower (though I still call it Black Tower as that’s what I knew it as growing up) and suggested we head up there.



Luckily for us (after our unlucky morning) it was open and though old and dated, the views are still amazing.






We shared a sandwich for lunch and sat and enjoyed the view.


Then we headed back our hotel and went back for some shopping. Bought a few more things…but mainly for ourselves. Definitely not making much headway with the present buying.

Back in our room we were delivered some champagne as it’s our anniversary tomorrow. A nice thought, but a shame we don’t drink it.



Kevin had a nap while I played on the computer while watching the clouds roll in.


And eventually the rain arrived.


I was certainly glad we didn’t have to head out again tonight. Instead we got room service.


Kevin had a steak sandwich – with the most delicious fries I think I’ve ever had (don’t normally care for them much) and I had vegetarian nachos (the beans were hidden under everything else).



We had wanted to watch a movie tonight but had to call for maintenance. After an hour we realized he wasn’t going to come and it was getting late (it was 8.30pm after all) so we gave up and just watched a bit of the travel channel before going to sleep.

3 thoughts on “To market to market

  1. wow you do get amazing views from the Telstra tower! I can’t imagine seeing kangaroos like that, you’re very luck (even though you say it’s rare, it’s still a lot more of a common sight for you than it is for me!)
    Those fabric birdies are very sweet, love them.
    Looks like you had a great weekend … and happy anniversary to both of you 🙂

    p.s loving your Whittards haul, you will be catching me up soon!

  2. Don’t you hate it when nothing goes right? And it always all seems to happen all at once doesn’t it? Love the pics of the kangaroos. And that nachos – that’s what I would have ordered too.

    Righto…onto my shopping sites.

    Of course I love Etsy and buy heaps from there – handmade and of course my beloved retro vintage stuff. Our house is starting to look like a mid century time warp.

    I also love Lark Made at Daylesford in Victoria. I don’t know if you know this site but she has a shop called Lark and a blog and imports a lot of stuff from the UK which I know you love ( and me too) .

    Toluene is a suspected carcinogenic industrial strength solvent ( this is straight from Bill’s mouth, as he is sitting next to me) Also nails are one of the most absorbent parts of the body, so adding the 2 together is….not a good idea. Zoya polish is the only polish that does not have this ingredient.

    I know Zoya ia available in AU but I’ve been unable to get my hands on any so I just bought some off Ebay from an international seller. I think the two polishes cost me $26 including postage.

    Hope the rest of your break is fabulous.

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