Christmas shows and haircuts

Christy performed with her school at the Wollongong Mall today. She was so excited and did a great job (though I’m sure all Mums say that :-)).






Then this afternoon it was off to the hairdressers for both the girls.


IMG_7107 IMG_7110

Doesn’t she look so cute…. shorter and a fringe (which she is very proud of)


And Amy is all ready for high school….with a hair style to match…



NOTE: It’s been a crazy few days but I promise to do the draw for the Christmas Giveaway tomorrow. So if you haven’t yet entered you’ve still got a bit of time.

5 thoughts on “Christmas shows and haircuts

  1. The girls’ haircuts are adorable! I love the feel of a new haircut….like getting a new outfit for one’s head! LOL I love your blog, too, Libby….nice to visit summertime in the midst of our winter.


  2. How exciting for Kristy to perform at the shops. Rhianna got to do her Xmas performance at the Joan Sutherland centre this year – she was thrilled.

    Love those haircuts and thanks for reminding me that Rhianna needs hers done too.
    Will email you when I have booked Wollongong. Can’t wait to catch up with you.

  3. Oh that is so strange to see, Christmas hats and shorts?! haha

    This Winter (in our Canadian Bordertown, bordering the US) is filled with a lot of rain, but we usually have a bit of snow or SLUSH rather, but people still wear these Christmas hats like touques when it’s cold…and here you are wearing them in the Summer?! It must have been SO hot.

  4. Lovely haircuts for summer! Lily is asking to have hers cut, but not sure what she wants yet. It’s very long and thick, and with the weather we’re having I don’t blame her! I had mine cut off last month. 🙂

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