Spring 2010

Time for another seasonal update. Spring was rather uneventful – in a good way. Lots of time at home, balanced with plenty of fun times out.

I travelled to….

Sydney…. to climb the harbour bridge

Harbour bridge climb

and Bowral for the tulip festival

Tulip festival

I listened to….

the new  Bruce Springsteen album – The Promise ,the kids arguing over silly little things and scrapbook podcasts.

I read….

Eyewitness Travel – Alaska and a run of not-so-great romance novels

I watched….

the latest Harry Potter (Gold Class), the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Despicable Me at the movies. At home we watched a few series including The Mentalist, Lie to Me, final season of The Tudors, and Modern Family.  When Kevin was in the States Amy and I watched all 3 Twilight movies.

We took the girls to see the musical Fame up in Sydney.


I wore…

my new camera bag, Crocs most days, and make-up whenever I left the house (trying to make a bit more of an effort with my appearance),


I scrapped….

the whole of our UK trip – consisting of 3 albums. Also got quiet a few pages done for other albums. I completed LOAD (layout a day) in October and attended a scrapbook afternoon and a weekend away.

Picture Spring - 23rd October

I made….

coconut date balls (yummy and healthy!!), eton mess with mango (for friends), and banana muffins.

Date & coconut balls

I planned…

the vegetable garden (and got all the seedlings planted), our Alaskan flights and worked on plans for our motorhome portion of our trip.


I celebrated…

Christy’s 9th Birthday, Fathers Day, Amy finishing her 2 years in the Academically gifted class, and Halloween with our annual Halloween Party.


I dreamed….

of Christmas and of finally getting some warm sunny days

Odd and sods…

I had to get a new passport due to water damage (and I’d just gotten a new one last year)

The girls started attending roller skating lessons again

I enjoyed 2 weeks school holidays at home with the girls

Amy got glasses for reading

Basketball season started

The girls had their school fun day

We went on a few family bikes rides

And we put up the Christmas tree and started decorating the house.


6 thoughts on “Spring 2010

  1. Cool! I’m literally blogging my Autumn update right now, quite a busy season so it’s taking me awhile – hopefully up tomorrow! Looks like you had a lovely Spring and how cool that your girls take roller skating lessons – that’s awesome!!

  2. looks like you have had a great spring, i just cant get around not having a cold christmas, my sis lives in melbourne and posted a pic of everyone sat on the beach watching home alone, whilst i thought this was cool it was just wrong. Have you ever had a cold one? do you ever plan to? i would love to read about a proper auzzie xmas day surely everyone cant have a bbq on the beach lol xx

  3. Hi Libby, well you’ve been busy! Would you be able to tell us the scrapbooking podcasts you listen to? I used to scrap quite a bit, but haven’t done any for about 2 years – quite a bit to catch up on and some inspiration is required!

  4. Great catchup. And wow, you must have been busy to complete 3 whole albums on your UK trip! I’m still only half way through an album for a trip from Aug 09! :/

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