A Day in my Life – December 2010

Golly gosh another year is nearly over. And we’re half-way through December – just crazy!

I woke up bright and early around 5.30am. I was feeling tired and crappy so decided not to take the dogs on a walk this morning. It’s been a REALLY busy week and I’m feeling rather exhausted. Thankfully after today things will quieten right down. Amy was already up when I went downstairs – making shortbread to give to her teachers and the office staff at school.


I started the day with tea, my laptop and my two sleepy pups. I worked on uploading photos of Amy’s formals and doing the blog post.



Once I had woken up properly I got the washing started.


Then I had my shower and got dressed. It was a bit of mad morning as I wanted to be out the door punctually to get my errands done. I didn’t get to have breakfast, and later discovered I hadn’t even put on make-up !!

Christy had mufty day and went dressed as a pirate for a play she’s doing at school. She headed off on her bike.

Dressed like a pirate

I drove Amy as she was running late and I was going to the school to do any last uniform orders. The units are currently in the maintainence shed and I’m always having to move things to get into my cupboards :-(. Can’t wait to move to move to a new location in the new year.

Temporary uniform shop

By 9.30am I was on my way to the mall. The parking lot was pretty full but I managed to find a spot – I just grabbed the first one I saw to save drive around and around. First stop was the post office to send packages to the giveaway winners. I also had a parcel to pick up.

post away

The next mission was to get a shirt for Kevin. He’d commented to me on Monday night (seeing the boys dressed for the formal) that checked shirts must be in fashion. Boy, was he right :-).


Next stop since I’d no breakfast was Gloria Jeans. I decided to be adventurous today and not order my normal Iced Chocolate. Instead I got the Christmas special – which I didn’t know was coffee flavoured. Seeing as I don’t like coffee this was suprisingly good and I drank it all.

Gloria Jeans Christmas special

Then it was grocery shopping.

Local supermarket

Quite a bit today as I was stocking up for the school holidays.

Pre school holidays grocery shop

Time to head home – thank goodness. I unpacked the groceries and hung out the washing.

Big washing day

Then time for some lunch.


and to put my feet up for bit while watching Great British Menu.

Resting my weary feet at lunchtime

While watching I checked my e-mail and was pleased to see an e-mail from Berry Sports Camp saying both the girls had a spot for the camp starting on Saturday (they had been on the waiting list). They will be so excited.

Time to head out again – this time to the hairdressers. As I was sitting in the chair I realized I’d missed putting on make-up today :-).

At the hairdressers

Back home again…

Driving home

Since it was nearly time for school to get out I decided to wait for Amy as I knew she was going to have a heavy school bag.

School zone

School pick up

Poor Christy was not impressed that she had to ride home by herself. She was in a bad mood for quite some time.

Riding home from school

I pottered around doing a few jobs – like bringing in the washing and making our bed (except our quilt cover wasn’t quite dry). Before long it was time to get ready for Kevin’s work party. Of course, I had to start by putting my make up on :-).


That’s better… except I’m sure I don’t have that many wrinkles around my eyes….must have been the glare making me squint….

Ready for the work xmas party

All ready to go…. and Kevin wearing his new checked shirt. Maybe if I shut my eyes the wrinkles won’t show….

Ready for the work xmas party

Dinner tonight was at Lorenzo’s Diner – one of the most fancy resturants in Wollongong. Not that you’d know it from the outside.

Lorenzo's - 5 star dining in Wollongong

The inside is much better. And because it’s a small restaurant it doesn’t get noisy, thankfully.

Inside Lorenzo's

This was our second year here and the meal was once again amazing. We have shared meals- excpet for me, being vegetarian, selected by the Chef.

My entree was zucchini with cheese stuffed flower – just gorgeous.

Entree (starter)

The main was the most delicious mushroom lasange. Kevin even liked this more than the meat dishes, though he said they were good too.

Mushroom lasange

And the deserts were to die for. Have you ever heard of Chocolate pasta? Talk about yummy!

Chocolate pasta

Panna cotta…

Panna cotta

and my favourite…


All the food was presented well and tasted amazing. Everyone had a good time and seemed to enjoy the sharing aspect as you get to taste a lot of dishes. We headed home just after 10pm, feeling very tired. I did manage to read a few pages on the kindle before turning the lights out. Looking forward to a stay-at-home-ME day tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – December 2010

  1. Busy day, indeed! Those kind just wear me out, all the errands, etc. You look good without makeup, Libby, I could never step out of the house without it! Never heard of chocolate pasta, but it sure sounds good! The dinner looked pretty yummy.


  2. I love the top you wore to the dinner, Libby, beautiful colours. That food looked so good, especially the desserts. I really appreciate you braving the post office at this time of year to post off our packages.

    Enjoy your “ME” day. I’m having one of those today too.


  3. Very Busy Day! Love your top you wore for your evening out and love the pic of you on the sofa with your sleepy pups, bless…very cute x

  4. Hi Libby
    Love the look of that chocolate pasta. Hope you have a lovely “me” day today – you sure deserve it after your huge day yesterday.

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