It’s all over

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Is it really just 7 years ago that Amy had her very first day at primary┬á school? I can still remember how excited she was. Now that she knows what school can be she is even more excited about starting High School next year. I’m thinking that it’s going to be a rather long 6 weeks for her.

As you can see she started at a different house (but since we had bought the land here she was allowed to enroll) and somewhere along the way moved from wearing a dress and wide-brim hat with cute plaits ….. to shorts & polo & baseball cap. Where oh where did the years go?

Amy's first day of Kindy in 2004


And her final ride to school. From now on she’ll be catching the bus, until she gets her drivers license….


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  1. LanB says:

    Lovely! I’m panicking over my eldest going in to Year 5!! High school is waaay too daunting for me! ; ) How are you?

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