A morning in Berry


Yesterday the kids packed up and headed off to a 5 day sports camp in Berry. It was the first time – though Amy had been with school earlier in the year and very keen to go back.


A quick 45 mins later we had arrived. The girls got checked in and headed off to their rooms, then to play games. I hope they have a wonderful time. It sure will be quiet at home.


I’ve been wanting to visit the Berry Tea Shop for ages so took the opportunity since I was there. Lovely shop.




I didn’t actually buy anything (having just got all that stuff from Whittards) but they had a lovely range. All the products are around the shop and the middle is chairs and table where you can have tea and cake. Would have done so if I hadn’t been on my own (and just drank a big tea in the car on the way down). Next time for sure.

This is a part of Berry I hadn’t been too before (we usually just do the main street) and there was so many lovely shops. I had a lovely time wandering around, browsing, and buying, on my own :-).




And then there Sew and Tell.


Oh, my goodness – sewing, knitting, crochet, every craft you can think of. You be proud of me – I bought no wool or material :-). And I nearly didn’t go in because the sign said home of embroidery. So glad I did.



And at the back there was the cutest little gift shop.


I seriously think this might be THE best shop I’ve ever been in. I could happily have bought everything. And the range of books – oh, my! I bought a few gifts and just a few things for myself – a basket to keep my knitting in, a new crochet hook and a UK Vegetarian cookbook.


I will DEFINITELY be coming here again …. by myself :-).

I had a lovely time exploring Berry and discovering lots of new shops. I bought a veggie pastie from the bakery which I enjoyed for lunch on the drive home. It really is a beautiful part of the world and I’m going to add it to list of potential places to buy a farm.



6 thoughts on “A morning in Berry

  1. Hi Libby, I live just outside Berry, my kids go to Berry PS. Maybe we can meet up for a cup of tea at the Tea Shop one day ? I’m sure the girls have a blast at the Rec Camp..Enjoy the peace!

  2. What a wonderful day, but what I am marvelling at (and this probably makes me a bad mother) is you have the whole week before Christmas to get organised without interruption, sneaking around,talking in code, hiding presents in the boot of the car, etc. Sheer bliss. Of course I would still miss them like crazy LOL

  3. I am not sure that I have ever visited Berry – but it looks so quaint and adorable!!!
    (PS – I am jelaous that your girls get to go to a sports camp for a week – sounds like fun to me!!)

  4. hey libby, i too absolutely looooove berry! especially on my own or with the girls (the grown up ones that is!!)

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