Meet Charlie

About a week and half ago we came home to find one of budgies – Buddy – dead. Poor little Fudgie was standing beside her on the ground. She had been acting a little odd, sleeping and cuddling with Fudgie but we didn’t realize anything was wrong. Kevin, after doing some research, thinks she might have been egg-bound.

So on Friday it was time to go and get ourselves another budgie. We decided to get another male because the females bit so hard. I think I only held Buddy once in all the years we had her – which probably didn’t help to find any potential problems. So here is Charlie. He’s a British budgie and quite a bit bigger than Fudgie.

New budgie - Charlie

He’s a very sweet bird and within half an hour of him moving in Fudgie was already grooming him.

Fudgie and Charlie

Hoping they’ll be the best of friends.

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