Christmas 2010


Well I’m happy to say that Christmas 2010 went much better and was more enjoyable than 2009. Except for being crazy busy for most of December and a slight stress attack on the 23rd everything went swimmingly.

There were goodies to be baked and eaten…


cards to be made and posted…

2010 Christmas cards

presents to be wrapped …


and opened…


shortbread and milk to be left for Santa….


good times to be had with friends and family…


tables to be set…


Christmas lunch to be made and enjoyed…


toys to be played with…


a movie to be watched…


and a nap to be had…by a lucky few…


and lots of cute photos to be taken…


I have made a slideshow video which has lots more photos – hopefully it’ll be loaded later today. Meanwhile, today is all about a jammie day – pottering around getting the house back in order, having leftovers for lunch with Mum & Dad and watching some of our UK trip video.


  1. jody says:

    Merry Christmas Libby…looks very similar to our day; a frenzy of food and presents and swimming and we ended with the movie Christmas Vacation!

  2. Karen says:

    looks like it was great, libby! still christmas day here … just after 9 p.m. we are getting a blizzard tomorrow so will be snowed in all day 🙁 oh well. merry christmas!

  3. Ninny says:

    Great pictures of your Christmas, Libby. Looks like everyone had fun! Our living room floor looked much like yours, with wrapping and bows strewn about. My pictures didn’t turn out near as good as yours, though. We had fun, the grandbabies got lots of toys, and now we’re ready to snuggle by the fire while the winter wind blows. (How long until spring?)


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