Goals for 2011

Picture the Holidays - 9th December


Develop crochet and sewing skills

Complete Project life – new kit just arrived

Develop photography skills

Master basic digital scrapbooking (and possibly do digital album for our Alaska trip)

Make a list of (non-Romance) books I have to read and work my way through the list

Feel great about myself when I turn 40 in June

Try to find some way to get involved in Amy’s high school

Have more baths (once a week would be great)

Have a full body massage (never felt comfortable enough to do this)



Follow Weight Watchers and attend meetings every week (where possible)

Maintain regular (2-3 times a week) RCR workouts

Start the Coach to 5K running program

If complete above – look into doing a 5K race

Continue to experiment in the kitchen by trying new recipes

Help Christy to improve her eating



Work out new household routine and incorporate zone cleaning each week

Declutter (again) both the garage and sewing room and  keep them organised

Revise budget and actually stick to it (was doing well up until a few months ago)

Hope the girls to develop, and stick with, their own routines



Make more time for real life friends

Try to make at least one new real life friend (our social set is dropping every year)

Meet at least 2 bloggy friends (have 3 probables at this stage 🙂 )

Monthly day out with Mum

Weekly family movie night

Monthly family fun day

Time reading with Christy most days

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3 thoughts on “Goals for 2011

  1. Your goals sound great Libby. I won’t be blogging this year (I’ll explain why one day in a more private forum) but I’ll still be following your blog which I love reading.
    I am umming and ahhing about joining weight watchers online. Are you going to the meetings or doing it online? I too am heavier at the start of this year than last year and am getting quite concerned.

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