Home-made Pasta


Part of our tour of the free-range egg farm included a demostration on how they use the seconds (not perfect) eggs to make pasta. This inspired Kevin to FINALLY use the pasta making attachment that HE bought for my kitchen aid mixer over a year ago.

Christy was keen to partake in their experiment and they were hard at work soon after we walked in the door. My suggestion to look up recipes or consult google was ignored, and somehow they managed to pull it off.



They make wholemeal fettucine for their first attempt. And it turned out surprisingly well.


To savour the flavour we enjoyed it with some butter and cheese.


The only problem with this pasta was that it got all stuck together. So the next day the machine was dug out again – this time to make spaghetti, which (based on my research) they decided to dry out a bit. My oven made a good drying rack :-).


Once we told the dogs to keep out of the kitchen it was safe to dry out in peace.


Amy was kind enough to make us a TVP Bolognase sauce to have with our spaghetti.



It was enjoyed by all. But if you want the recipe you’ll have to consult Kevin.

6 thoughts on “Home-made Pasta

  1. Congratulations on the pasta making. This humid weather is not ideal for pasta making because the pasta doesn’t dry out as it should and sticks to everything, but you found the way around it. I use my clothes airer and lots of flour on the surfaces.

  2. Looks wonderful! And I love home made pasta, but I’ve never made any myself. Years ago, I worked at an Amish school. The families made their own pasta and when I would visit their homes, sometimes they would have pasta drying all over their kitchens and sun porches! They were always so generous and I always left with a gift portion.


  3. I have made pasta on my kitchen aid too and it was very nice and yes the first lot did stick together a bit :0) Practise makes perfect, each time it will get better.

  4. Well Done…Your pasta looks Fab! I keep saying that I’m going to try making pasta…You make it look soooo easy. Thanks for sharing x

  5. I am so very very impressed!!!! I was just saying to Mr BBB last night that we need to have a GF gnocchi making session 🙂

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