From the garden


Hard to believe it looked like this just 4.5 months ago.


Lots of zucchini – you can see the two plants have overtaken the garden. We’ve got standard and lebanese. Plus carrots.

Veggies from the garden

Beetroot, strawberries, lots of tomatoes (a few different types) and one cucumber (so far).


The toms and strawberries are so delicious – so much better than anything you can buy in the shops (even organic).


And we’ve found a few monsters hiding amongst the leaves. They are rather tasteless though so the dogs get these ones.


We’ve also had some baby pumpkins and the butternut pumpkins is desperately trying to give up some pumpkins – but they keep dying once they reach about 7cms :-(. Our lettuces went to seed with all the crazy weather and we’re waiting on the new ones to grow. The celery got squashed by the zucchini  and the spinach is just about ready to start harvesting.

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  1. Hey Libby, for some reason your butternuts might not be pollinated properly. Do you know how to hand-pollinate pumpkin flowers? Worth a try… xx

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