Scrapbook Room updated

Yes again.

Unfortunately it has been in this state for quite some time.

This was originally the girls computer desk, hence the pull out shelf. But now that they each have computers on the other side of the room this has become a dumping ground. I think it’s looked like this, getting gradually worse, since the October school holidays when I started decluttering my scrapbook supplies.

Of course mess attracts more mess, which was certainly affecting my scrapbooking mojo.

Yesterday I decided it was time to get the room restored to it’s former glory and went to Office Works to purchase some supplies to fill up this big gap to stop this happening again, and to make the room look more finished.

Since I knew Kevin would be tired after work I thought I’d try and make them up myself, since I did get three of them. Luckily they were VERY easy to build and I had them done in no time.

For less than $70 and half an hour of my time I had three great new storage units. Then today I got stuck into the mess and sorted out what I was keeping and what I was getting rid off.

I will buy three matching trays for one top of the drawers next time I’m at Office Works but these work for now (borrowed from around the house). Oh, and I still need to add some labels.

Just a bit of an improvement don’t you think?


To recap… before and after…

Scrapbook Room

Then, of course, I thought I’d best tidy up my desk area…


Ah…much better… now I can’t wait to actually do some layouts.


9 thoughts on “Scrapbook Room updated

  1. Could only see the after, which looks really nice and the photo’s of your desk. Im doing Project Life but using last years book lol yes Ive had it that long so far so good. Have the photo’s up to date just no journalling hopefully tomorrow or I should say today.

  2. I have no idea what is going on with the photos. I can see them but some of you can’t – maybe all of you can’t – I don’t know. So sorry. I know Kevin said there were problems with my farm tour photos but is everything else looking alright? Please let me know. I might have to find another way to put photos on my blog.

  3. Hmmmm I couldnt see the photos without going into Flickr.

    But – boy were they wonderful! I love ‘before and afters’ and this room looks fantastic!

  4. Oh my…you know you are speaking my language when you do a super organisational post!! I love what a difference the carts have made and they strike me as being much easier to access your things. I’m sure the mojo will be right back.

    I see you have the amber kit…I am patiently (not) waiting on the turquoise kit at the moment but I have been taking photos and making notes. I have planned to clean out our linen press this weekend but if my kit comes tomorrow…well that might have to take a back seat LOL

  5. Great job! Your room looks great! I’m jealous of the huge area you have to scrapbook!

    BTW – I see you have a Project Life book!!! I just orderd mine this week (since they were out of stock) and it comes tomorrow! So excited to get started!

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