A day in my life – January 2011

*** I’m pretty sure Kevin has managed to fix to photo issue I was having. Please let me know if you have any more trouble. I’ve also fixed the scrapbook room photos so you should be able to see them now.


Oops, I totally forgot about doing a day in life yesterday until we were at rollerskating with our friends. So it will have to be today instead. AND I’m hoping the photos will show okay – still no idea what is going on with that.

So today, Saturday 15th, I woke around 6am but due to the fact that I’d stayed up till mid-night watching the Hawks basketball game in Perth (we lost due) I put on my eye mask and went back to sleep till 8am. Now that is a real sleep in for me. Can’t even remember the last time I slept in that late.

Finally got up and made my way downstairs to put on a load of washing, let the dogs out and make my first cup of tea for the day which I enjoyed  while playing on my laptop.


Amy was already up (Christy had slept over at Nan’s) and was making her breakfast.


Kevin came down a while later and launched straight into World of Warcraft (which he’s been playing a lot lately) and Bailey looked longingly at his breakfast.


I caught up on facebook and some blogs and around 9am went to make myself some breakfast.


Still not sure if we’re doing anything today. It’s getting warm and supposed to be 29 deg. When Christy came home we had a “discussion” about what to do. Unfortunately the girls decided to whinge and whine so it was decided we’d just stay home – maybe venturing out to the shops for a few supplies and some lunch.¬† I also fed the dogs their vegan dry food – so love how this is heart shaped.

IMG_7894 Vegan dog food

Nothing like a bit of dog drool with your breakfast :-).


I did a few jobs like emptying the dishwasher, hanging out the washing, and emptying the bin before having my shower. This is what I found as I left the bathroom :-). Bailey is such a strange dog.


You might also notice Kevin on the bed – he came back up to have a sleep. It’s only 11am but he’s been having a LOT of trouble sleeping and with being tired all the time. So I left him to have a nap and went downstairs. I tidied the kitchen…


and cut up some watermelon for Christy and I to have. I ate mine while watching some Youtube videos.

IMG_7913 Playing Barbies

Then it was time to catch up on the ironing – so we pack for our holiday on Monday.

Ironing pile Ironing complete

Just I finished the clothes, Kevin came downstairs and we headed (with Amy) to the Mall. First stop was Gloria Jeans for some drinks as it was 1pm and we were hungry. I got my usual iced chocolate (love these so much).

Another visit to Gloria Jeans

We then visited a few shops – getting a few TV games (including zumba for the kinnect) and a birthday present for one of the girls friends. We also picked a few grocery items and some bread.

We then bought lunch which we took to eat back at home. Kevin & I had vegetarian rice paper rolls and Amy got subway and we bought some plain rolls for Christy.

Rice paper rolls for lunch

We had lunch while watching the last episode of Glee (we’ve been watching season 2 over the last few days). Now we have to wait for them make some more.

Lunch time

Amy is having a Glee birthday party in March so one of the TV games we bought was Glee Karaoke Revolution – of course, the girls had to try it out this afternoon.


I spent some time in my nice clean scrapbook room working on Project Life and a Big Picture Class.


Amy went to Nan’s for a sleepover so I got out the George Foreman again and made Veggie burgers for Kevin and I for dinner. Yum!


Since Kevin was busy playing warcraft I put on an episode of America’s Top Model to watch. I don’t watch many shows like this but for some reason I like this one – probably because the models are judged by a panel and not by each other – so they don’t have to resort to dirty tactics.


Later a bowl of ice cream was enjoyed and I put Christy to bed about 9am. Then Kevin and I watched a show on cruising the Mediterranean.


  1. vanessa says:

    Hi Libby. I love these day in your life posts that you do. I especially love the pics of the dogs. I love how some dogs have those weird personalities. My dog is very strange too. I’ve started blogging again. I hope you drop in aometime. I miss your comments. Have a great holiday. Are you off to Nelson’s Bay again?

  2. Leanne says:

    HI Libby
    I have to know, have you got America’s next top model on DVD? I love that show, but can’t get the DVD’s didn’t know it was on it.

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