Summer Holiday – Salamander Bay – Day 3


Had a good nights sleep and a bit of a sleep in, so didn’t wake up until 7.30am. I got dressed and Amy & I headed out for a walk. We thought we’d see if we could walk to the water – which we did. It took just 15mins.



After taking a few photos we headed back to the apartment. We had breakfast by the pool then decided to head to Little Beach so the girls could do a bit of snorkeling.


We didn’t believe Pop when he said he saw a penguin but we were convinced when one came ashore – before being scared off by lots of squealing kids.



We stayed for almost 2 hours then drove back home to have some lunch. Today I had a falafel salad. Yum.


It was very hot so we headed over to the main pool shortly after lunch. I took the underwater housing so I could get some shots from the water.



Some of the units have access right into the water and while we think it might be fun we also think it would be rather noisy.



I’m not sure how long we stayed here. After doing a lap with the girls I laid out and read. Until I felt I’d had more than enough sun for one day. I wasn’t wrong. Despite having suncream on and it being a mostly overcast day I ended up with a mild case of sunburn :-(.


So I stayed inside the rest of day and finished reading JD Robb’s – Naked in Death (I’m a bit behind as it was written in 1995!).

Another BBQ for dinner. Isn’t he good how he keeps our veggie burgers well away from the meat? 🙂


After dinner we found a friend.


And went for a swim in our private plunge pool to cool off.


We then watched Oprah’s Australian visit show and are pleased to be able to say we’ve been to all the places she visited on the first show.

3 thoughts on “Summer Holiday – Salamander Bay – Day 3

  1. ouch Lib that sunburn looks nasty. And a penguin!!!!! really???? that’s amazing! I cannot believe I missed the Oprah show – I have been waiting for it but our silly tv guide did not have it as being on tonight and when I said to Noel about it of course he checked the guide and said I was wrong, grrrr! I have now checked the 10 website and will not be missing the next 3 shows. Also the private pool looks great!

  2. Oh Libby – want to swap?? My week has been spent in the office and filled with meetings! I’d much rather be swimming and having BBQs!
    Have fun 🙂

  3. How cool that you have been to the same places as Oprah! That’s a life 😉 My favorite thing from show #2 is the statement that Australian’s “work to live” and American’s “live to work”- talked to the kids about how Drew and I believe you should ‘work to live’ and how we’re trying to live our life that way….they think we should move to Australia! 😉 I hope they grow up to believe work is way less important than LIFE!

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