Summer Holiday – Salamander Bay – Day 4

When I woke this morning Amy & I decided not to go for a walk…which was lucky as it started pouring down when we would have been out. So we had a slow relaxing morning and eventually decided to go the Shark & Ray Center again as the girls had loved it so much last year.


But this year they decided to suit up and go IN the water with the sharks and rays.




IMG_8127 IMG_8134

These guys remain my favourite… they are so cute and so friendly…


This one is pretty cute too :-)….


We stayed her about 1.5 hours and then decided to have lunch at the nearby Barramundi Farm restuarant – called Cookabarra!

Lunch spot

Cookabarra Restuarant

Out for lunch

While we waited Christy played with “Ray”.

In addition to the Barramundi Farm they have have hydroponic vegetables. And shortly will be opening a retail store :-(.

Hyrdoponic veggies

Amy and I shared a Magharita Pizza and wedges. Both were really yummy.

Lunch for Amy & I

After lunch a waitress bought the girls a container of fish food so they could feed some of the barramundi in the pond beside the restuarant.

Feeding barramundi


We arrived back at the unit about 3pm. Christy went to swim with her friend in the big pool, Mum & Dad swam in the plunge pool and Amy & I stayed out of the sun (with my mild sunburn I didn’t really have any choice) reading. We all then read until about 6pm…


when we all decided to head over to the big pool and do a few laps. We ended up having a bit of race so I managed to get in a workout as well :-). Then it was back home for tea and watching Oprah again.

3 thoughts on “Summer Holiday – Salamander Bay – Day 4

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  2. HI Libby,
    Love being on holidays with you again, well pretending I’m there. Thanks for the daily updates, love them.

    Just wanted to let you know that something is wrong again, in case you didn’t know and the photos aren’t working again. Usually you can click where they should be and it takes you to flickr, but not happening this time.
    Enjoy your holiday

  3. I’ll have to go there next time I am up that way. It looks fab. Can’t believe your girls were brave enough to go in the water.

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