Summer Holiday – Salamander Bay – Day 5

*** I had another report of photos STILL not working, so here’s working they work today. SO FRUSTRATING.

Woke up around 6.30am and spent some time on the computer before getting ready and heading over to bowling alley just before 10.30am where we were to meet up long-time internet friend, Kez and her boy, Billy. This was our second time meeting up and I was looking forward to seeing her again. We decided to meet up for a game of bowling – which worked out well for us because the alley is right across the road from the resort.

Bowling alley

Unfortunately I didn’t take Kerrie’s advice and book a lane and there were none free till 11.30am. We decided to head back over to the resort and get some morning tea, which we enjoyed poolside.

Morning tea

At 11.30am we headed back over but had to wait half an hour while some young boys finished up their game in the lane we were waiting for. Luckily we got popcorn and a drink as part of our ticket price so we had those while the kids plays a few arcade games.

Then finally it was time to bowl. I loved how the 3 kids had very different styles of bowling. Christy does a running throw, Billy swings the ball back & forth and drops it so it very slowly rolls up the lane, and Amy dances & bowls the ball without hardly looking what she’s doing.

Let's bowl

Christy and Billy stopped for a deep and meaningful mid-game. Not sure if they were discussing bowling strategy or Club Penguin – I’m guessing Club Penguin :-).

Deep and meaningful chat

It was a fun game and best of all I won. Not sure I’ve ever won a game before. I made sure to take a photo so I had proof 🙂 I also got a strike but the little dude is covering it up.

Score - I won!

After our game we had some lunch in the cafe, before coming back over to the resort so the kids could have a swim. Good day for it as it was rather hot outside, even though it was mid afternoon.

The kids head off for a swim

Billy & Christy

The kids had fun doing a few laps while Kerrie and I got to sit, relax and have a chat.

Kerrie & Libby

They left about 3.30pm and I hopped into our plunge pool with Nan & Pop to cool down. Then spent the rest of the day reading some magazines. Later I was lucky enough to cash in a coupon for a foot massage (Christy had given us coupons earlier in the week :-)).

Christy giving me a massage

Tonights dinner was nachos.

Nachos for dinner

And then Pop took the girls on a special outing to the fun fair in Nelson Bay. They had  great time and didn’t come home until 9pm. Mum & I read and watched Oprah in peace and quiet :-).

Christy on the bungy

Time for ice cream

Blurry funfair rides

The girls with their loot

2 thoughts on “Summer Holiday – Salamander Bay – Day 5

  1. Hi Libby
    How wonderful that you met up with Kez again as I often read her blog as well. Hope it’s me and Rhianna next time. XX

  2. Yes, I’m pretty sure they’d be talking about Club Penguin. Well, Billy would’ve been anyway 🙂

    I’ll bet Amy & Christy slept well last night after such a busy day!

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