The Monster Zucchini

Look what I found lurking in the garden after our holiday.


Now this baby wasn’t even ready to pick when we left. Crazy how quickly it grew. And I think it might even be bigger than Jody’s monster, but I didn’t think to measure it so we’ll never know :-).

They are not so tasty when they are this big but the dogs don’t seem to mind. Lucky since they’ll be eating this big boy for quite a few nights.

5 thoughts on “The Monster Zucchini

  1. That is certainly one huge zucchini! Unfortunately with two trips away this summer our veg garden didn’t survive with too many temps in the 40’s.

  2. I have never, ever seen a zucchini that big! One could use it as a weapon of self defense! Had to go back and finish reading all about your vacation. Oh, I was so enjoying those pool photos….eyeing the sunshine, blue skies with such longing. Only five more months and I can be doing that, too. I bet you and the girls had great fun. I like how the resort condos just open out onto the big pool like that!

    Thanks so much for your care and concern and comment on my blog! We are home now, whew!


  3. hah! I love it.

    When I lived at home, we used to have giant zucchini like this too. HUGE. It’s too bad they aren’t as tasty as their slimmer conterparts.

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