Bring back school holidays


Yes, I know the girls have only been back at school for a week and half but I’m already exhausted. I’m sure our ridiculous temperatures last week didn’t help. We had almost 7 days of near or over 40deg celsius (104F). Thank goodness for air conditioning!!!

The first day saw Amy head off on a year 7 camp for 3 days and Christy starting in year 4. She has a teacher that is new to the school and is very happy with her.

Then Amy got her have her first proper day in High School. She looks so grown up in the shirt and skirt.

We have to leave home at 7.20am to get Amy, and her friend Emerson, to the bus stop on time. The plan is for them to walk home from the bus it’s so far I’ve picked them up. They missed the bus home from school yesterday, which meant a dash into town to pick them up (15min car trip each way).

I’ve had to open the uniform shop twice (for an hour or two) and spent another 45mins filling orders today. Plus I’ve been getting my household routines re-established and have gone back to the gym. On top of all this my heel spur is acting up. Unfortunately my plan to rest it isn’t really working out!!!! So life has been crazy busy, and not at all like I like it to be. Tomorrow in Christy’s swimming carnival, then I’m hoping to have two days at home to just potter around doing jobs and having some free time for crafting :-).

3 thoughts on “Bring back school holidays

  1. Does sound busy but I know it will settle down and you will be in your routine…..but I always miss the summer and carefree days when school starts up!

  2. I agree with you totally Libby. I am missing those lazy morning starts too. Now it’s rush, rush, rush….. I am already checking the calendar for when the Easter holidays start. How grown up does Amy look? I was so surprised to see how mature she looks.

    Thanks for your comment on my recent post. We leave for NY on the 2nd of June and return the 13th. And yes besides saving money not taking Broc and Rhianna we will get some much needed alone time.

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