Video – Non-animal tested skin care and makeup

I was so unsure about posting the make-up video here but am glad I did.  It was very well received and it sounds like a lot of you are rediscovering the joys of makeup as well.

Here’s another about finding non animal tested skin care and makeup.


7 thoughts on “Video – Non-animal tested skin care and makeup

  1. Hi Libby.
    Another wonderful incite. I am going to check out the link for Makeup Mirror. If I can’t find organic, then I will certainly use my dollars with Animal Cruelty Free products.

    What was the range of body wash you mentioned? I couldn’t hear the name clearly enough…my kids tell me that I am deaf…

    Julie in Geraldton

  2. Hi Julie,

    I should have listed the products. The body wash is by Elf. I bought it from crush costmetics online. It’s so hard to work out what’s what if there is no information on the bottle/container. If you find any great products please let me know. Locantine do have a few organic products (the others are mainly natural) and I’ve really like the products I’ve used from them.

  3. Hi Libby
    Love the video. had to take it to the bedroom to hear it properly.LOL
    OK, skin care i have been using Sukin products>they are organic, no animal testing and no animal derivatives and I like them.

    I also buy online Miessence products – have organic toothpaste, talc and toner – oops just noticed there is no mention of animal testing so will not be buying those again.

    Make up I now buy organic physicians formula but have just noticed that they too have no mention of animal testing. Hmmm..will have to think about this dilemma.
    I have Avado shower gel – it’s organic but again no mention of non animal testing. bugger!!!!!
    Will try harder in future.

  4. Well I went and checked out a few products in the bathroom too and I found that Radox doesn’t test on animals. Body Shop products are not tested on animals, do not have animal products in them and are Fair Trade BUT they are owned by L’Oreal who I have just read use the profits to test on animals.

    Just found this list Is this the one you mentioned? The Body Shop were removed because of their association with L’Oreal. Face of Australia is on there and I saw their products in Big W a while ago.

  5. Miessence and physicians formula website states no testing but why not say it on the bottle then? Maybe they can’t for another reason.

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