The week that was

It was our first week with both girls back at school but it still wasn’t what I’d call a normal week.

Christy had her swimming carnival on Thursday.



She’s a bit of practice so only ended up going in the 50m freestyle. She gave it her all though, which is all you can ask.

Of course, that meant we left at 11.30am and she and her friend spent the rest of the afternoon playing. Amy had her swimming carnival the next day and on Friday had mufti as a fund-raising for schools in flood affected Queensland.


There has been quite a bit of baking including this batch of banana muffins.


After a busy week it was nice to a have a quiet weekend. Though we were out for half of Saturday to roller skating lessons and the hairdressers. Then Saturday night we swapped our normal season basketball seats for courtside.


It was fabulous being so close to the action. The second half of the game we sat in the front row so had an uninterupted view – except when the ref. would stand in the way.


Best of all- the Hawks won- by a landslide. Which broke a 9 game losing streak :-). Check out the score – 105 to 73. And little (as in the shortest player in the NBL) Zac Delany got his first field goal in a game. It was an awesome game. IMG_8441

Today we’ve spent lounging around playing on the computer and getting a few odd things done around the house (but not much to be truthful). The girls had friends over and found a frog drowning in the pool. Luckily they rescued him just in time.


Not sure how they managed a swim as the weather cooled right down this afternoon. In fact, it was cool enough to think about making soup for dinner. Yum!


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  1. I know. I’ve been pulling my hair out to try and work out why this is happening. I can load photos straight from my computer but the quality is pretty poor. Drives me nuts that some photos work and some don’t. All uploaded at the same time in the same way!

  2. Hey Libby, these are my favourite entries of yours. I think you should do one each week, hate having to wait a whole month for the next one.
    PS I could see all the pics

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