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  1. libby,
    thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. it really means a lot. i read your blog all the time and also do not always comment. i have a feeling that if we met in real life we’d be fast friends! i love this video. i am the same kind of vegan, have been vegetarian-eating-fish for three years, strict vegetarian (no fish) for four, and vegan-ISH for about a year. i do not buy cheese and eggs anymore but i will still have the occasional cheese out. i do find it very hard to give up and for me the ethical reason always wins out over the health reason if my body is not feeling like it physically “needs” cheese for some reason. i feel so clean when i stay strictly vegan but do not stress about whether my bun around the veggie burger at the restaurant has egg, butter, etc. in it. pick your battles, i say. my mantra is “not intentionally seeking animal products in my food.” you can imagine how much worse factory farms are here in the u.s. …. but i think animal slaughter of any kind is just wrong when you’re a logical reasonable being that can see they needlessly suffer pain and torture when we don’t even need them to survive. i hope the transition goes smoothly for you. i do find that i eat more variety of food than i ever did before. make sure you eat frequently b/c vegan food goes through the body faster, and take a good B12 supp. once a week. cheers!

  2. i just realized some of my comment did not make sense. i have been veg for just over four years, three of which i ate fish during. for just over a year i have not had ANY fish even, and have been mostly vegan.

    before i gave up eggs i had moved from organic/cage free only (which sadly does not mean much) to ONLY local eggs from small farmers. so i can understand your logic and reasoning behind this. the egg thing is controversial in the veg world anyway … basically the thought behind not eating them is well, a. what they ARE … and b. are we “stealing” the eggs even though most of them are unfertilized?

    just food (literally!) for thought. i do still eat local eggs maybe once or twice in a year!

  3. Hey Libby! It’s interesting to watch your journey. Will you post a vegan meal plan? There are a lot of vegan recipes on my blog because we were vegans for awhile several years ago. Then we began to eat only homegrown eggs and meat we caught and killed ourselves (some of us) – so that was fish on the coast, and up here it was more the odd rooster. Now a couple of our family members eat beef from a friend’s farm, local fish, the odd rooster. We eat our own hen’s eggs still (have had chooks for probably 10 years now), and we have milk from a house cow (because of the icky dairy industry, and ‘cos she’s lovely). People think we are strange because we usually only eat or eat FROM animals we know (I don’t eat beef or chicken, nor do half the kids), but I think it makes much more sense.
    A good source of dairy substitutes is my friend Jo’s blog – http://quirkycooking.blogspot.com/ she uses her Thermomix a lot, but you probably have a blender you can use. The ‘sour cream’ and other recipes are great – really yummy. I think it’s important to find ways to cook vegan meals from scratch, rather than buy ‘not-xxx’ products, ‘cos they’re quite processed. Of course, convenience sometimes wins!
    Best wishes on your vegan journey. I salute you (as a vegan at heart)! xx

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