A day in my life – February 2011


Woke up just after 6am. Let the dogs out and got my first cup of tea for the day. Unfortunately my heel spur has been acting up lately so I’ve been unable to take the dogs for their morning walks. Luckily Nan has been able to take them.

Amy was already up when I came down.  In amongst getting ready for school she made lunch for Kevin.


Later Christy came down stairs all dressed for school with her dressing gown over the top. The mornings have been a little cooler but not that much :-). She proceeded in badgering me until I put her school shoes on for (she usually does it herself).


At 7.20am Amy and I head out. We pick up her friend on the way and I drop them at the bus stop.


Bailey loves getting to come for these early morning car rides.


Back home I find Christy packing her school bag.


I make her some toast for breakfast and a light one for me as I’m planning on going to gym shortly.


Christy leaves (on her bike) at 8.15am and I play on the computer and finish my cup of tea. At 8.30am I head to the gym. It’s sprinkling so I hope the girls got to school without getting too wet.


I did cardio – 15min on the eliptical and 15min on the bike. As you can see by the before and after I worked hard and came home red faced and sweaty.


Time for a shower before getting dressed and doing make-up.


Then off to the local shopping center. I was in search for a marron top for Christy to wear to school as a fundraiser for Queensland school. There was no marron to be found (except for school tracksuits) but I did find a smurffete top – which I just know will win me the Mummy of the Day award.

I then visited the supermarket, fruit shop and bakery. Before heading home.


I had help bringing in the groceries :-).

IMG_8516 IMG_8515

After unpacking I made a salad for lunch and sat and put my feet up for a bit.


During my lunch break we had a parcel delivery. Not sure how the dogs knew their dog food had arrived but the boxes sure got a good sniffing.


I scored a bargin on flowers today. These tulips were $20 for Valentine’s Day. Today they were $10!!!


After lunch I headed into the scrapbook room. I’ve lost my mojo again so I just worked on Project Life while listening to the paperclipping round table podcast


I had a break for cuddles on the couch with Rosie, and contemplated how nice the house looks from here.


The girls were supposed to walk home but I got a phone call from Amy asking to be picked up so just after 3pm and I headed out to pick them up.


Christy arrived home shortly afterwards and immediately put her new top on.


I seemed to be in and out, up and down all afternoon. The girls had dacing, and I was trying to get Christy’s Snapfish photobook for last year sorted so I could get it ordered.


I did enjoy another cup of tea and the last of the Valentine’s Day cupcakes.


Kevin arrived home from work around 5pm, which is rather early for him.

On my final car trip of the day I took Rosie. She wanted to come, but doesn’t enjoy it the way Bailey does. Kevin said he cried and carried on while we were gone.


I wasn’t organised with dinner tonight so we just had an easy one from the freezer.


We didn’t end up eating till after 7pm. I certainly need to work on having a precooked dinner on dancing night.


I got the kitchen all cleaned up, got ready for bed, took my make-up off, and work on the photobook some more. At 8.30pm I took Christy up to bed and read her some Judy Moody.


Finally I got the photobooks ordered around 9pm and headed up to bed around 9.30pm to read on my kindle (Deidre Martin) for a bit before turning out the lights.

8 thoughts on “A day in my life – February 2011

  1. There will come a time when I am old and grey when I will truly believe that I have lived with you, because I have spent so many “days” with you on the blog!

    Keep them coming 🙂

  2. I love these posts too Libby. Maybe I should do one on my blog – although my life is nowhere near as interesting as yours. Love the pics of the dogs sniffing out the parcels. Doesn’t kristy look adorable in that Smurfette top and what a wonderful girl Amy is making lunch for her dad.

  3. You reminded me I have to go out in search of maroon wear too – my daughter’s school is having maroon day next Thursday because they already had Pirate Day scheduled for today. Really enjoy these posts, too, BTW

  4. First of all, Amy is so responsible and sweet for making Kevin lunch! You guys are an awesome family! You seriously are such a great mom Libby…and I love how you make so many meals from scratch…like your salad for lunch!! I never make myself a healthy lunch like that, you rock!!! Love your post and your Project Life looks great!!

  5. I left a comment, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. I was saying how much I love these entries. I think they are my favourite. I wish you could do one each week.

  6. Thanks for sharing your day I love posts like this Im going to show my 17year old Amy making her fathers lunch lol.. I must do a post like this soon lol. Living in QLD (Im from NSW) one thing you can always find is clothing in Maroon, now if your looking for something in sky blue it’s a bit harder lol

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