The week that was

NOTE: Photo problems AGAIN so these are uploaded from my computer (not flickr) and therefore the quality is NOT as good (for some reason).

I’m going to make this a weekly feature whereby I show photos that didn’t make the blog. These will mostly be everyday photos – along the lines of those I take for a day in my life – which you all seem to enjoy – and some I’ve taken for Project Life.

So this week …. we enjoyed some nice sunsets…

I did lots of washing up when our dishwasher went on strike.

I envied Rosie her daytime naps.

The girls enjoyed a few evening swims. This was around 7.30pm on Friday night.

I found this piece of writing I assume Amy did for school. So cute!

We tried our first cheese-less pizza. It was messy but we really enjoyed it. I think our new BBQ pizza sauce really helped to make it yummy.

I cleaned out the fridge in preparation of our new fridge arriving (we finally decided to go ahead and buy it)

I tried papaya for the first time. I thought it was okay but I didn’t love it.

I watched more sleeping puppies.

And I finally got moved into new school uniform shop – it’s like a 5 star hotel compared to where I was before (see photo below!)

Where the uniform shop has been for the last 6 months while works were being done at the school. I shared with the maintenance man!


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