Girls day out

With Kevin overseas for a training course (he’ll be back tomorrow) I thought it might be fun to have a girls day out. It’s been ages since we had one and it always seems to be a good bonding time for Amy and Christy.

Instead of their usual roller skating lessons (both are now on blades) we went to the open session. I had blamed to skate but with my heel spurs acting up I didn’t want to aggravate them. Christy’s roller skates had gotten too small (she got them for Christmas 2009) and she wanted to move to roller blades.


After the session we headed to the movie theatre where someone got VERY excited when they saw this poster (bad photo – sorry)


We got our tickets, picked up some lunch at Subway, got coke icees for the girls and headed in to see our movie.


We didn’t actually see the 3D version. It was a really funny movie – like a lot of kids movies theses days it had plenty of jokes only the adults would get. It was so much better than I thought it would be.

After the movie we went to Target where I let the girls pick out a few items of clothing (and I got some new PJs). We also got some nail polishes from Australis. We then went to newsagents for large cardboard for Amy’s school project (and Christy got some in Smurf blue!) and Coles to get lollies to make up lolly bags for Amy’s party next week. Then home sweet home. And I was right about the bonding….they got right to work on making up those lolly bags together :-).


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  1. yay – great post libby. it must of ended up being an expensive day out – i know it is for me when i take my 3 kids out ! as long as it was fun 🙂

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