A Day in My Life – 27th Feb, 2011

Don’t be scared – it’s not the 14th!! Because so many of you really enjoy my day in the life posts I’m going to do more of them. I’m aiming for at least 2 a month – around the 14th and at the end of the month. BUT, I’ll also try and do extra random days as time allows

So much for my plans to sleep in. I woke up at 5am and could NOT get back to sleep. I ended up coming downstairs (being careful not to wake up Christy – who was sleeping in my bed since Kevin is overseas) and getting a cup of tea. Amy was up shortly after and played World of Warcraft on her laptop while I watched some youtube videos and read blogs.


Later I let the dogs out, again. And bought in the washing that had been out overnight. It wasn’t all dry so I hung some out in the laundry.


Eventually I went upstairs to find Christy awake and we had some cuddles with the dogs.


We had a very lazy, slow morning. I fed the dogs their breakfast


and made some pancakes for us since that is that I was craving.



Afterwards I went backstairs to make our bed


and have a shower


This is our shower buddy ….


and two others….


Okay, please tell me I’m not the only who wraps a towel on her head to dry her hair :-). I have done this for as long as can remember, even when I had really short hair!


After I was showered and dressed I made some vegan brownies and healthy oatmeal cookies while waiting for Kevin to arrive home (after a whirlwind 5 day trip to the States).



I also helped Christy sort out some baskets. Love how she’s still got her roller blades on.


Around 10.30 I was getting peckish so made a green smoothie


And finally after 11am Kevin arrived home, and quickly made a mess of the bedroom


He partly made up for it by buying me this giant silicone cupcake mold – how fun!


Kevin showered, unpacked, had something to eat and went up to have a sleep (for just a few hours). I did some ironing.


The girls looked through some scrapbook albums.


I made Amy & I lunch. She had a veggie burger and I had a veggie snitzel. She got the last two pieces of bread so I made mine into a wrap.


I spent most of the afternoon playing on the computer and writing my Summer recap post.

I find I’m up and down all the time doing jobs like cutting up watermelon for Christy and feeding the rind to the chooks and filling up their food while out there.


Kevin woke about 2pm and Amy came to read us her autobiography that she had to write for school.


Of course, the dogs decided it would be a good time for a play.


My afternoon snack was some melon, a cup of tea and an oatmeal cookie.


At 5pm I went to get changed for the basketball, bought in the washing and got the dogs their dinner.


The girls were staying with Nan & Pop. We had to stop by Kevin’s office to collect our passes…



then it was onto the WEC. No courtside seats today :-(.


The game started at 6pm so I had a salad wrap for dinner (oops, was so hungry I forgot to take a photo).


I was still hungry mid-game so had some popcorn.


It was a great game against the New Zealand Breakers. They are at the top of the ladder but were off their game, I assume, due to the earthquake in Christchurch earlier this week. We won by over 20pts and the Hawks played a great game, so I think we would have won anyway. They needed this win to have a chance of making the finals so that was good (the Breakers will be in for certain). We had a really loud, rude guy behind us tonight and I was glad we didn’t bring the kids – though I wondered if his language would have been as bad if they’d been there. He was acting like a teenager trying to impress his mates but he would have been well into his twenties. Naturally, there was no girlfriend!!!

We got home before 8.30pm – just in time to put the girls to bed. Unfortunately when Christy dropped her blind a “big” spider jumped down and scared her. She ran out of the room so we don’t know where the spider went. We think it was a harmless Huntsman but she refused to sleep in her room so I set up the bed downstairs, tucked her into bed. Kevin was already asleep by the time I got to our room. I did my evening skincare routine and crawled onto the bed and under the fan. It’s VERY humid still but as I read I cooled down. I turned off the light around 9.30pm as I was tired after my early morning.

4 thoughts on “A Day in My Life – 27th Feb, 2011

  1. Hi Libby, my daughter and I are “towel wrappers” and you’ve seen how short my hair is! My son is also in Year 7 and is in the middle of writing his autobiography. It’s a hoot to read his perceptions on life so far!

  2. OMG!! I would NOT have been happy with your first shower buddy!!! What kind of spider is that???? *shiver*

    I used to wrap my hair in a towel, I think I stopped when I had to do my own laundry LOL!

  3. I have to see the giant silicon cupcake mold.

    KEVIN!!!!!!!!! Come fix Libby’s photos LOL (I say that because since our scrap camp I think of Kevin as the electronic guru LOL)

    My hair is short so I towel it dry now…I used to wrap up in a towel 🙂

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