The week that was

There was a blood test and a visit to the doctor… results were all fine which was good to hear. Starting on anti-inflamatories to try and help the swelling & pain in my hands and feet.

There was time spent cleaning all the outdoor areas including the chook area and pool – my least favourite job! Looks lovely when it’s all done though.


There was lunch out by the pool…


There were dogs lying in the garden to keep cool


There were dogs lying around inside


and there were dogs being cute.



and below…


There was Christy trying to hide out in Kevin’s car so she could go to the USA with him.


There was our first taste of cheeseless pizza and it was yummy!


There was time spent pulling out all the dead plants from our Summer garden. Looks so sad and bare now.


There was heartache over the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. We’ve been there a couple of times so it was especially shocking to see the city in ruins. I actually saw a twitter update about it 2 hours after it happened so watched a lot of the live feed on my laptop. So sad.


And finally I wore my new Crocs every day in an effort to help my heel spurs. Good news – on Sunday I was pain free the WHOLE day!!!


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