Amy’s Birthday & Glee Party


Poor Amy. She spent herย  Birthday at home with tonsollitis and her birthday party had to be postponed. Luckily her sickest day was Wednesday so she wasn’t too bad by Friday and because was wasn’t allowed to go to school it wasn’t too rushed in the morning to open her presents.


She was very excited to get a new i-pod.


And Christy was excited to get the packaging to play with. Finally an i-pod she can take to school :-).


There was also time for a family breakfast – french toast at Amy’s request (and the first meal she’s eaten in days).


And since we didn’t have to leave home at 7.20am, there was time to open gifts from Nan & Pop and cards from other family members.


She continued to feel better as the day went on and we ended up having Chinese for dinner with Nan & Pop. Not sure what I was doing/thinking as I took NO photos!!!!

Then on Saturday it was time to party…. Glee style. Meet Sue (me), Quinn (Christy), Rachel (Sarah), Santana (Alyssa) and Mersades (Amy).


Yes, I know…. a nine year old pregnant girl looks so wrong…


Games were played – the chocolate game being a big hit.


Everyone seemed to enjoy getting dressed up in character.


What a bunch of losers ๐Ÿ™‚


There was dancing…


and lots of Glee singing…



and, of course, Birthday cake….vegan chocolate cake to be exact.

IMG_8910 IMG_8911

Amy had a fabulous time and I think everyone else did as well. It was an easy party to host with pizza supplied for dinner and Kevin & I were pleased with how well behaved and well mannered all the kids were.


3 thoughts on “Amy’s Birthday & Glee Party

  1. Great photos and video. It made me feel like I was there and Amy you didn’t look like you missed me one bit. So glad it went well, all your friends looked great. Love from your favorite Nan xxx

  2. The girls haven’t stopped raving about the party and in particular the chocolate game! Both want to play the game at their own parties. Thanks again for having them over.

  3. Happy Birthday to Amy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a wonderful idea for a party!
    And OMG – I remember that chocolate game. hehe the last time we played it was at Mr BBB’s Aunt’s 70th birthday! Such a hoot to see adults tucking in!

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