Foodie Friday – Falafel Salad

Most days I have a salad for lunch and this is my current favourite. I think I’ve had it 3 times this week already :-).

These are my basic starting ingredients – butter lettuce, tiny tomatoes, cucumber, diced pineapple, hummus and falafel. The last two are store bought but you could make your own. I believe that every salad NEEDS pineapple.

Salad Ingredients

Today I had just bought a bag of shredded broccoli stems, carrot and beetroot so that was added. I sometimes add corn kernals, cauliflower, sprouts, basically whatever we might have in the fridge.

Today's salad extras

While the falafel cooks (takes just 1 min in the microwave) I grab a bowl (love these tupperware ones) and place all the salad ingredients.

Bowl waiting for salad

Then I just roughly  chop the falafels into bite size pieces and add to the salad. Yummo!

Falafel Salad

I could happily eat this EVERY day. So delicious, yet so healthy!


And best of all the whole thing takes less than 5 minutes.

7 thoughts on “Foodie Friday – Falafel Salad

  1. Yum that looks so good, can I be a pain and ask what brand the felafal are, are they frozen ?

  2. that looks so delicous, libby! i think i’ll have to give that one a try. knowing me, i’ll make some homemade falafel though!

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