The week that was

It was a rather odd week which lots of plans up in the air. The Iditarod finished and I was finally able to get the house (relatively) back in order. I’ve been having  a LOT of trouble with the girls being unoragnised, not tidying up after themselves and being mean to each other. They have been banned from having friends over and threatened (and I mean it) with cancelling our holiday in a few weeks but nothing seems to motivate them. Any ideas???

Other than that it’s been a pretty uneventful week. On Monday Christy had a Futsal gala day. Her team (the under 10 girls won and will now be playing at State. There were only 2 teams so the odds were good :-).

IMG_9017 Christy and her futsal medallion

There was crazy hair day at school.

Crazy hair day at school

There were dogs walks

Rosie at the park

and very dirty dogs, that I took straight to the dog wash.

A new type of dog - half gold, half black mud

There were tulips…


There was a basketball game – which we sadly lost by ONE point 🙁


There was rather a lot of baking – banana muffins, chocolate cornflake slice, choc chip slice, vanilla cookies and this yummy fruit bread. Hmm…this could explain why I’m NOT losing any weight…


There was lots of rain over the weekend… which luckily stopped when we had finished our Thai dinner and had to walk to the basketball


It did, however, result in jammie day on Sunday, instead of our planned trip to the zoo.


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