What will the day bring

That was not what I was wondering this morning. To me it was going to be a very normal Monday – which means cleaning the house, maybe a bit of scrapbooking, cooking dinner, and tonight a P&C Meeting. Pretty mundane and a pretty good way to spend a very wet, rainy day. Around 11am I took a photo of the pool just to show how full it was.


Not long after the rain got even heavier and I could see mud starting to seep under the fence and into the pool.


I thought I’d best go check on the chooks…. so did not expect to find water lapping at the back door!


Or a waterfall into our new lake. Finally a lake view :-). The chickens were in their house and not very impressed.


IĀ  put in an emergency call to Kevin and headed out in the rain to unblock our drains – which were hard to find 20cm under mud water! By the time I got done, the pool looked like this….


Luckily the rain eased off and the water was able to drain away. Kevin got home and was able to do some work on the pool. There was apparently a LOT of flash flooding in the area. Unfortunately it looks like another BIG lot of rain is headed our way.

Around 2.30pm I saw a facebook message that Christy’s school was asking people to pick up there kids. When I got there the police had told them not to let kids leave but they don’t really know why so they weren’t enforcing it. The only reason we can think is to keep cars off the road. I thought it made more sense for less kids to have leave all at 3pm. I collected Christy and left – our road to and from the school was all clear. Amy also made it home (got a lift with friends Dad), albeit rather damp.

The P&C meeting for tonight is cancelled so I’m going to go check on the chooks again, get some dinner organised, and hope the next lot of rain isn’t nearly so exciting.

Just goes to show you never quite know what the day will bring.

9 thoughts on “What will the day bring

  1. Libby!!! I can’t believe your pool (ours is very full as well) and I would die if I opened the door and water was lapping in. Hope you manage to stay dry if the rain continues.

  2. That is a lot of rain all at once! We call those “gully washers” here in Oklahoma because those flash floods wash out the gullies! Hope you dry out soon.


  3. You sur did have a lot if rain down your way and a lot of flooding, hope you didn’t get another storm last night. We got a massive storm with strong winds but survived with no damage or flooding. Hope the rain stops for you soon.

  4. Wow, what a very wet day! Glad it all turned out okay. We neeeeed some rain, pretty please šŸ™‚

  5. Yep, that was some downpour Monday afternoon! I was at yoga class, and we had to suspend the class to help the teacher unblock her drains, when water started seeping up through the carpet. Then my normal 10 minute drive home took an hour as I took a slow scenic detour through Bomaderry and Shoalhaven Heads when the road home was flooded. Flood waters around here only receded yesterday.

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