Shopping in Sydney

Autumn trees in Sydney

Kevin and I escaped the kids and headed up to Sydney for the weekend. We started by going to Westfield Bondi Junciton. I’d never been before but boy was I impressed. It is gorgeous, not crowded and has THE best shops – and nearly all of my favourites :-).

Westfield Bondi Junction

First up we went in search of lunch. I could not get over how fancy the food court was – I have never seen ANYTHING like it.

Food court for lunch

We opted for Salsa’s mexican. I had my usual (very messy) vegetarian taco.

Tacos for lunch

We then did a bit of shopping before going to the movies. There wasn’t a lot to choose from (that I wanted to see) and nothing suitable in Gold Class. We chose Hall Pass – which was funny (though bit much in a few scenes – definitely a movie for open minded adults).

Food court at Bondi Junction

Then more shopping. I got quite a few things – which I will share when we get home. Kevin got NOTHING!!

Bed, bath and table….

Easter decor Bed, bath & table

First ever visit to Lush…


My true love…Crocs… I was even wearing my “lovely” pink crocs (had no choice with my heel spur acting up again).


Another first…new skin care products from Aveda…


Kevin wanted to go the Max Brenner chocolate bar for afternoon tea. I wanted Gloria Jeans, but he said I could get that anywhere – which is true.

Afternoon tea stop

He had banana chocolate crepe. I had an iced chocolate which was far too rich and I didn’t end up drinking. Instead I had Kevin’s ice cream.

Choc banana pancakes Afternoon tea

Lastly we went to the Apple Store. Not to buy the new i-pad (Kevin has had one for a week) but he was insisted on buying me a new macbook air. We had to wait till it opened. Talk about craziness. I can’t believe how many people had lined up. Kevin says I just don’t get it. And no, I don’t.

Lines for new I-pads

Craziness at the Apple Store

When they finally opened the shop at 5pm (it had been closed all day) we were then told we’d have to wait a bit, after informing them we wanted to buy a laptop, not an i-pad. When I pushed for how long, he said about an hour!!! That’s a little bit? Maybe to those who waited days in line, but not to us who just turned up. Needless to say we did not hang around. Instead we went to Dick Smith, where there were no lines, no crowds and Kevin actually saved around $130.

Unfortunately we left around 5.30pm so hit quite a bit of traffic heading into the city. It was okay though as were able to do lots of people watching. Seeing men in suits on scooters or push bikes looks so weird. And I was amazed at how my cyclists there were.

Friday afternoon Sydney traffic

Eventually we made it our hotel – the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth. We booked another secret 5 star hotel and were very pleased.

Soffetel Sydney

Hotel bathroom

The view straight out our window is of another building but if you peer around the corner you can see the Harbour Bridge.

View from our room (kind of)

As soon as we were in the room Kevin wanted to do an unboxing of the new laptop. I do appreciate it but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t quite as excited as Kevin thought I should be :-).

Unboxing of my new laptop

Then he got to work copying all the info from my old laptop to my new one.

How many laptops do we need?

It was getting late by now and I was getting hungry. We went in search of dinner and was lucky enough (since it had just started raining) to find a little pie shop right across the road. We bought some and took them back to our room. My vegetarian pie was delicious. It was curry, which I wasn’t expecting, but really tasty and totally hit the spot. And I just loved the packaging.

Dinner Dinner

After dinner, with computers still uploading and transferring, we watched Going The Distance – cute movie with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.


  1. Vanessa says:

    You’ve inspired me to get out to Bondi Junction Libby. I haven’t been in years. I was in Bed, Bath and Table on Friday and laybyed some new bedding and bought some European pillowcases – the Easter stuff is super cute. What did you think of Lush?
    I’m glad you are having a good time down there. what have you got planned for tomorrow? I can’t wait to see your update tomorrow. it is supposed to rain though. maybe you can go to Darling Harbour and visit the English Lolly shop. Wow than place is to die for.

  2. Ninny says:

    I read the two posts about your weekend…what fun!!!! You scored, girl! A new Mac laptop (wise choice, Kevin, I love your geekiness) and Lush (my all time favorite bath stuff….have you tried the Sonic Death Monkey body wash? All chocolate-coffee frothiness), and then the symphony. A wonderful weekend, glad you got to enjoy it. When you get home, put your feet in that foot spa Christy had out and soothe your feet.


  3. Bel says:

    What a fabulous weekend! Doesn’t Lush smell devine? I went when I was in Brisi last.

    Lucky you, a new laptop! You should be excited, Libby! LOL I have never owned a laptop! :p

    I loved your photos of the city. I was born in Sydney and lived there for a good part of my childhood. Thank you. x

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