Lounge shopping

Another sleep in till 7.30am and a bit of a slow morning playing on laptops, packing and having breakfast. Kevin did very well this morning and got pie face to make me the BEST EVER toasted cheese & tomato sandwich.


We checked out of the hotel and to went to get our car, only the find the battery was mucking up – we think when it was valet parked they might have left to car on. Luckily it didn’t hold us up too long and we were on our way.

We’ve been looking for a new lounge for a while now (Kevin’s recliner is totally busted) and I’d like to update. We figure our current lounge is around 10 yrs old so it’s had a pretty good run. Since we were in Sydney we thought we’d go to the Moore Park supa center and since they have so many stores. After checking them all out we went back to Nick Scali – which seemed to have the best selection for us. I had wanted to get a fabric lounge but nothing really grabbed me. When we spotted this leather one on the second visit to Nick Scali it was the first lounge that we had both liked. And amazingly enough it was on sale and today was the last day :-).

Our new lounge

Once we ordered out new lounge (which will take 10-12 weeks to arrive) we had some lunch.

lunch spot

and couldn’t quite believe when it arrived in a plastic (with lid) container on a plastic plate – talk about wasteful.


Then we headed back home to wet Wollongong.

Returning home

Nan, Pop and girls were out when we arrived home but we were welcomed by the dogs and got unpacked. Unfortunately when everyone did return we found out the girls had not been the best behaved (mainly towards each other) over the weekend :-(. They had been like this a few weeks ago but I thought we’d moved past it. So we have a family meeting planned for Monday night to set some household rules and consequences for not following them.

3 thoughts on “Lounge shopping

  1. Your home town must have mild weather year round, since I see palm (date?) trees. Love your new lounge, we call them sofas or couches here in the US. I need a new one, too!


  2. hi libby, looks like you had a great weekend in sydney! isnt it great to get away without the kids? we are going to canberra soon with friends without the kids and i’m soooo looking forward to it!! i know that sounds awful but you just have to get away from the arguing, petty fighting and aggrevation. its the same here, its a cycle. they fight, we talk about it and set punishments, they settle down for a while then its back to square one again!! if you discover any magic solutions please pass them on!!!

  3. Glad you guys had a great weekend, bummer about the girls! My sisters and I have had so many fights, you wouldn’t believe it…somehow, everyone survived and we all still love each other!! Good luck.

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