Decorating for Easter

I know Easter is still a month away but we’re going to be away for 10 days and then again for Easter so I wanted to be able to enjoy my decoration at least a little bit. We don’t really have a lot, actually I should have bought more the other day from Bed, Bath and Table…. I think I’ll be picking up some more in Queensland 🙂

The entrance…


The red wooden bunny was one of my new purchases.


as was the kissing bunnies.


The lounge room – you might notice most of chocolate Easter eggs are gone….



The kitchen…



New cups bought for the girls. Wish I had bought more.


New tea towel. Again wish I had bought more, especially as they can be used beyond Easter.


The family room…


and lastly the downstairs bathroom…




So tell me… do you decorate for Easter?

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  1. Heather says:

    My family have only ever decorated for Christmas that I recall [aside from a couple of Halloweens when I was very little] but they have never been big on Easter much anyway. I don’t celebrate it at all but seeing your super cute decorations [LOVE that red rabbit] I might have to start so I have an excuse to get some cute stuff in my flat!!

  2. jody says:

    I have a couple of things I put on the sideboard and we do a huge egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning (500+ cadbury mini eggs – yummmm)

    In other news, I received my parcel. Thank you so much, it was lovely to get such a treat AND it is organisation based – right up my alley 🙂

  3. Wendy says:

    No. We don’t even do Easter eggs anymore. It was all too much chocolate. About all we do do (apart from church celebrations) is hot cross buns. Especially Baker’s Delight hot cross buns.

  4. Leanne says:

    Hi Lib, we have a Bed Bath ‘n’ Table at Mac Square so if there is anything you want just email me and I can drop it down.

  5. Earthmotherwithin says:

    YES I decorate for Easter. I have a collection of decorated eggs, some bunnies and some lovely Orthodox icons. Gradually building up a collection, but they don’t go out until Easter day and then they stay out until the end of the Easter season.

  6. Ninny says:

    I do just a little decorating for Easter. Hung little eggs and chicks from the season tree, but the grandbabies came over one day last week and we pulled all off and played with them. I have a ceramic bunny in my kitchen window, and some little robins eggs under a glass dome on a cupcake plate. That’s it for this year! Yours look lovely, btw!


  7. Lisa says:

    Wow – it all looks so wonderful! I barely remember Easter let alone decorate lol 🙂 Perhaps this year I can be more organised?!

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