A Day in the Life – 1st April, 2011

Those of you who are friends with me on facebook will know that on Tuesday Rosie caused me to fall off my bike. In addition to grazed knees and elbows I’ve jarred my ribs which results in pain when moving, and breathing, so as you’ll see I’ve been taking it much easier than I normally do.

Surprisingly I’ve been able to sleep pretty well, provided I lie flat on my bad. Kevin had to go into work early this morning so the alarm went off at 5am! I stayed in bed having cuddles with the dogs but got up shortly after Kevin left at 5.30am. I let the dogs out, then made myself a cup of tea, which was enjoyed while playing on the computer.


As always the dogs went back sleep.



Amy was dressed and ready for her school excursion to Luna Park. Can’t believe she gets to go to Luna Park for a science excursion!


Finally the sun was up, and so was Christy.


I haven’t eggs for ages and we’ve got almost 3 dozen in the fridge so I thought I’d make some scrambled eggs for breakfast.

IMG_0046 IMG_0047

At 7.45am Amy went down the front to wait for her lift to school (since Kevin had left so early). Don’t you love her shirt – she picked out by herself on her first shopping with friends outing last week. It says Horror Movie in case you can’t tell – bacon and eggs on the plates. Pretty appropriate for a vegan :-).


Next up was the dogs breakfast. I got Christy to help me as reaching down to the ground is very painful.


Then Fudgie had to have his medication. Talk about fun.



I got dressed and kind-of made the bed, and once Christy headed off to school I sat down to enjoy my tea (and a couple of Easter eggs).


I played on the computer on and off for most of the morning. I find I can do a few jobs but then get a bit sore. When I’m sitting and nice and relaxed my chest/back don’t hurt at all. I had some raspberries to eat but they were a little tart so I added a bit of cream – then they were perfect :-).


With doing so much vegan baking these days I had a few lots of butter which needed to be used up so I thought I’d make some non-vegan chocolate chip cookies to take to Jamberoo tomorrow. Of course, with the girls not home, it meant I HAD to lick the beater :-).


Bailey was close by – hoping to get to lick the bowl.


While the cookies were baking I did a bit of ironing. I had taken some Panadine and it seemed to be helping with the pain.


And naturally I had to sample one (or two) of the cookies when they were done.


Nan & Pop came and took the dogs for a walk and run at the park. So grateful they can do this when I can’t.

Lunch today was leftover Sweet Potato Rissoto while watching a bit of TV. I’m trying to get through all the programs I’ve been recording. Today I watched Real Simple, Real Life – definitely my kind of show.


Then when the dogs got settled for the post lunch sleep


I did a bit of scrapbooking. Haven’t really found my mojo yet and it seems a struggle to get anything done but I seem to get 1 page done most days.


We had some books arrive in the mail. All three from the same place in the UK and all 3 in seperate packages!!!!! And another Judy Moody had arrived yesterday!


Christy arrived home from school but disappeared to play with Shantel. Amy arrived home about 4.30pm after her excursion and disappeared as well. I started to feel unwell but thought maybe I was hungry. I had some cheese/cracker/grapes and some lemonade and felt better :-). I really enjoyed the cheese and crackers – definitely a treat now I haven’t had for a long time. The only cheese I really buy now is Bambarah Organic (they don’t kill their male calves). It is so delicious (but obviously expensive) so I don’t eat it often. And the babybell has to be used up.


Kevin arrived home just before 6pm and we had dinner shortly afterwards. It’s been very easy meals this week. Tonight was veggie snitzel, corn and potatoes cooked on the George Forman Grill. So easy yet so yummy. Oh, Christy was having dinner and sleeping over at Nan’s.


Amy (and Britney from next door) were attending a fundraising rock night at school. When I said she could go we thought it was from 7-9pm. She now informed me it went till 11pm. Do you remember our alarm going off at 5am this morning? Kevin decided if he came back home he would not want to go back out so said he’d wait in the car (and play warcraft) until 10pm. I felt bad for him and had planned to drive in with him. But he seemed “reasonably” happy with this arrangement. The things we do for our kids. And I realized this is just the START of it :-).


Once they left I cleaned up the kitchen and went to get changed for bed. The dogs decided it was playtime.


I settled down with some knitting (finally started something – another scarf just to get something going) and more TV.


I watched an episode of Location, Location, Location, The Dog Whisperer and Build a New Life. Just after 9.30pm the heard them arrive home. Amy was tired so they’d left early (oh, forgot to mention earlier they’d had to return home because Amy forgot to take the tickets). I’m sure Kevin was glad to be back earlier. They headed up to bed. I finished off my show, let the dogs out and headed up to bed myself. I was so tired I didn’t even read tonight.


  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Libby,
    Hope your ribs are feeling better today. School excursion to Luna Park – I’d love to go to that school!!!!!! Love that pic of the dogs wrestling – made me laugh out loud.

  2. Linda J says:

    Hope you’re on the mend soon, Libby. I took a stack off a scooter the other week and fell HARD… is there any other way?!

  3. jody says:

    Had to LOL at the late pick up…with an 18yr old I am often on pick up duty (my own choosing) at 2.00am!!!!!

    For someone who is in so much pain you have done a lot in your day. I’m thinking I would be wanting to just lay on the couch!!

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