The week that was

It was an odd week. Rosie caused me to fall off my bike (by running in front of it). I ended up rather black and blue, but the worst with the rib pain I experienced all week. It meant lots of time spent hanging out on the lounge and a visit to the Chiroprator.


There was also a sick Fudgie (the Budgie)…


who had to go visit the vets. There was then twice daily oral medication to be given. He’s doing much better which is good.


There were guina pigs being cute.


There were new cameras – a photo and video camera in preparation for our Alaska trip (in two months!!!)


There were cupcakes with chocolate frosting…


There were picnics with friends on the side of the road…


There was Rosie being cute…


and Bailey waiting in his normal spot at the top of the stairs (whenever I’m upstairs)…


And there was my new scarf rails installed by Kevin….



And there was  a fun day for the kids at Jamberoo..


4 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. That’s quite a scarf collection – so colourful. I saw one the other day I quite liked but didn’t buy it as I wasn’t sure if I would wear it. Still deciding… Your knees look bad. Hope everything has settled down now ribs wise. Does the guinea pig have green on her or is that just reflection? And I cannot believe you go to Alaska in just 2 months. That has come around fast!!!

  2. Those are some bruises you got in your bike crash. Those look like they hurt. And I love the scarf rails…what a great idea.

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