Australian Outback Spectacular


The day began when I awoke around 6am. I’d had a terrible night with seemed like pain from head to toe. So am hoping for a much less painful day today. Spent time on the computer as there was nothing to do until 10am. The girls went out to get Kevin a coffee and some rolls from Bakers Delight. They also collected Christy’s egg from the car so they could get them started hatching.

Eggs to hatch

Just before 10 we headed downstairs to Infinity. I did it last time but was claustrophobic so not again.


Kevin wasn’t worried about doing it again but took the girls. I went for a wonder around the shops and then sat reading some tourist brochures.

The Chevron Rennaisance

When they got out we went to buy Amy a swimsuit as she had forgotten hers (despite being warned she would forget if left hanging on her door as it was wet). Finally we managed to get something she was happy with.

Then it was time to head out to the Australian Outback Spectacular.


Loved this tree by the front entrance.

Balboa Tree

Inside we were given a hat (to keep) and had a photo taken.


Then there was time to meet some of the shows performers.

Visiting one of the shows horses

Don’t you just love Maverick’s ears? Too cute.

Photo with Maverick

Amy was very excited when we said she could have one of the non-alcholic cocktails that came in a light up glass.

Amy and her "cocktail"

Christy got a light up chicken … as you do.

Christy and her light up chicken

Wearing our show hats

There was some singing and comedy entertainment in the waiting area and eventually we were let in to the main arena. I didn’t get many photos as there was no photography during the show.

Ready for the show

Our entree’s were already in place when we arrived.

Lunch is served

Lunch (steak for Kevin and a vegetarian meal for the girls and I) and pavlova was served during the show. We really enjoyed it. Definitely something to see at least once and we’re really glad we went. The following photo is from the photo display.

the show

I found a video on youtube that shows you a bit of the show.


I’m not sure why but Kevin wanted to buy a whip!!!

Kevin and his new whip

Back at the apartment I took the girls down to the pool for a swim. We went to the indoor pool first but it was rather crowded and SOOO noisy.

Pool at the Chevron


Time for a swim

While they played I relaxed on the grass area playing with the camera and then reading a magazine.

Minature people

3 towers of the Chevron Rennaisance

When the girls had had enough we went back up upstairs and I enjoyed a cup of tea on our verandah.

Tea time with a view

Later Christy joined me as she ate her dinner.

Christy having dinner

Kevin & Amy went out to hunt and gather our dinner. Tonight was pie face. Much as I’ve enjoyed our meals it will be nice to not have takeaway once Kevin goes back home tomorrow :-).

Pieface for dinner

Vegetable pie

After dinner we watched Dairy of a Whimpy Kid – funny and cute.

View at night time

Tomorrow – Wet ‘n’ wild

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  1. It sounds like your holiday is almost the same as our Gold Coast trip last year! I really really enjoyed the Outback spectacular! Such a great night of entertainment (we went to the dinner show)

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