White Water World

Dawn in Surfers Paradise

Woke up around 5am, and got out of bed around 5.30am just as dawn was breaking. A short time Amy woke up and we both got the enjoy a beautiful sunrise. So wish I was in better health so I could have gone for a walk along the beach.

Sunrise at Surfers

When Christy got up the girls checked the progress of their eggs.

Eggs cracking

Around 6.30am – with everyone up – Kevin and Amy went out to get some Gloria Jeans & Bakers Delight. We had another lazy morning and eventually we got ready, I packed us lunch and we headed out to Wet ‘n’ Wild. Unfortunately when we arrived – about 10mins past opening – the carpark was already packed and BUSES were unloading at the back entrances. We stood and considered our options as around 5 full buses unloaded. We knew it was going to be crazy busy so we decided to go to White Water World instead. It meant we had to pay for another entry but it was better than crowds and long lines.

White Water World

We arrived and bought some supplies – new sunshirts for Kevin & Amy and googles for Christy. Then found our spot for the day.

My view

The girls took off right away. Christy being very excited as she is finally tall enough for ALL the rides. When they came back we all headed off to do the Green Room.

The Green Room

We then did another family raft ride and the girls (and Kevin) played in the Nickelodeon area.




Then it was off to the wave pool. Unfortunately we only managed to find one raft.


And you can guess who claimed it 🙂


When we’d had enough we had a salad I’d bought from home.

Salad for lunch

Then the girls went off to do some more slides while Kevin & I relaxed for a bit.


I had wanted to do the Hydro Coaster – its one of my fav – but the lines were long and heal spur was sore.

Water rides

The girls loved it though.

Girls on the Hydro Coaster

From 2pm onwards we watched the grey clouds rolling in and kept updated but checking the BOM radar.

Grey clouds are looming

Just before 3pm we told the girls the rain would be here very soon and sure enough it started to sprinkle. So we left. Luckily the girls are had enough anyway. We drove back to the apartment, got changed, and went downstairs to check out the British Lolly Shop. Christy was very excited to find her beloved Milky Way Stars. We went back to the room and hung out for a bit before it was time to take Kevin to the airport. We didn’t get too much traffic and were in fact early but it was good because we were back home just as it was getting dark. And Kevin was lucky enough to get an earlier flight home. So wish he could have stayed longer. We’ll miss him.

Back home we had some vegetable korma and basmati rice – bought ready made from Coles. It was quite nice but nothing like the one we get at the Indian Resturant – as you’d expect.

Indian for dinner

After dinner we watched a bit of Supernanny and then Air Crash Invesigation. After the girls went to bed I watched Alaskan Wing Men – so fun seeing some of the places we’ll be visiting VERY soon. Then time to update the blog and off to sleepyland.

Tomorrow : Sea World


  1. Ninny says:

    You and your family are having a wonderful time and it looks like a great place to have it! Love the view from your apartment.

  2. annie says:

    wow, that night shot (or early morning?) is amazing!! how did you do that, what settings? Those eggs are cool and your day and trip looks like a ton of fun!!

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