Climbing high at Sea World


Started the morning with the laptop while still in bed. Wish I had a view like this ALL the time. I did however get up to take a photo of yet another stunning sunrise.


A short time Amy joined me – with her laptop.


Then she was replaced by Christy – who didn’t bring her but instead watched one of my favourite youtubers with me – the girls love this Irish couple as much as I do.


And you’ll be happy to know the chickens have started to emerge from their eggs. I have to say none of us expected them to be quite so ugly :-).


Shortly before 10am we headed to Sea World.


It wasn’t too busy when we arrived so the wait times for rides was minimal. First up…


then it was on to Jet Rescue – the girls are in the second row.



We then all went on the Viking Flume Ride – always a favourite, especially as you only get a little wet. Then it was on to the new part of the park Castaway Bay.


After a go on the pirate ships – which they loved (they’d been on this in Legoland, USA and loved it there). Christy also had a go at the tree top/adventure thing.


while Amy enjoyed a frozen coke – with special straw.


They then went to the HUGE climbing thing. They are so brave. No way would I ever do something like this.




And here’s Amy right at the top.


Then it was back on the pirate boats to get wet soaked some more.



By now it was 1.30pm and we were getting hungry. But first I had to buy Amy some new (dry) clothes as she forgot to bring another set (I had some for Christy). Mission accomplished, they got changed and we went in search of lunch. Unfortunately all the nice, healthy looking wraps and salads had been sold, so we were left with pizza – which we then had to wait for them to cook.


It was nice but not what either of us had been wanting for lunch.


Next was a visit to Ray Reef, then on to Shark Bay.



My feet were starting to ache (swelling and heal spur) so I went and sat down while the girls explored and viewed the fish & sharks.


Not a bad spot to stop for a while. And I had these beautiful palm trees beside me.


The girls were going to do Jet Rescue again but the line was too long. Instead Christy did some rides in the kids area (something I thought she had outgrown) and Amy & I played on our phones. I also filled in a survey. We then walked back to the main entrance to get ready for the Pirate Show.


Of course it’s not a show without an ice-cream :-).


The show was good. Very different from the previous shows which have been about watersking.


This was was jetskies, acrobats and high diving. Not sure I enjoyed it quite as much but it was probably time for a change. Who know how many times we’ve seen the water ski show!


And, of course, no trip to a theme park is complete without buying a stuffed toy (in this case polar bear) on a lead. Christy actually wanted to buy a Scooby one the other day but I said maybe later. Today was later :-).


It’s a short drive back to the apartment and I was feeling exhausted, even though I really hadn’t been on my feet much today (in fact I had a saw backside from sitting on hard seats) so I put my feet up for a bit while the girls went down to the indoor pool for a swim. Ah, life gets so much easier when the girls can do things unsupervised. But to balance out the good we have to deal with mood swings :-).

I was feeling better when they returned and got some dinner made. I bought our George Forman grill with us so I used that to cook some vegetable burgers. Amy had hers on turkish bread. I had mine with a side of pasta (made for Christy) and some Morocan salad.


Tonight we watched Britains Next Top Model – though both girls were asleep before the end. I then went to bed and typed up this post.

Tomorrow : A second attempt at Wet ‘n’ Wild.

4 thoughts on “Climbing high at Sea World

  1. They were rehearsing that pirate show when we were there. We didn’t get to see the waterski show as that was closed by the time we went. Kind of “in between” shows. Oh well, a good excuse to go back sometime. If only we lived a little closer…

    Your girls are so brave! That jetski ride freaked me right out!

  2. I feel like I spent the day there with you Libby. Thanks for the great post. I must get up to Sea world again soon – it looks like there have been a lot of new additions.

  3. haha i totally made Mr BBB take a photo of me next to that walrus on the seat when we went to Seaworld too! 🙂

  4. I hope your girls appreciate all the planning and effort you put into these family breaks. You’re a really committed mum, Libby 🙂

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