The right height for Dreamworld

I stayed a bit late for me last night (nearly 11pm) which meant I slept in till after 6.30am and therefore missed today sunrise :-(. I did however, take photos of the chickens.


Scary as they are….


I was in a lot of pain this morning with both swollen hands & feet and sore ribs (I think I slept funny last night), but the girls really wanted to go to Dreamworld today. So being the good Mum that I was I decided to take them. I was feeling very sorry for myself and guilty that I wouldn’t be able to do the rides with them.


We arrived just after 10am and when lining up to buy tickets we were given a half price coupon by a very kind lady – this meant we saved over $70!!! Much as I like doing things like this, it was very nice to be on the receiving end for a change :-). Once inside we went to get one of the Q4U thing-a-ma-jigs. Love these. It costs $10 plus $7.50 per person but saved us/the girls hours of waiting in lines. Definitely worth every penny. Plus you get 15% of merchandise – which saved us another $30 odd dollars and almost paid for itself – it easily could – so I don’t know why more people don’t get them.


The most exciting for Christy – she was finally tall enough to do ALL the rides here.

Finally tall enough for ALL the rides at Dreamworld

First up …



Amy is on the far left, Christy beside her.


Then the river rapids. I was feeling a lot better so did this too. And for the first time ever, I didn’t get soaked – Amy did though :-).


Then it was the Claw. I rode this once years ago – never again. But both the girls loved it.

The Claw

Then we all went on Christy’s first ever upside down roller coaster – the Cyclone. Fun, fun, fun.

Next up – Wipeout.


and Christy’s old favourite (she once rode this 5 times in a row).


We had some lunch we’d bought from home while waiting for their Q4U time for laser tag.


Then it was into Nickelodeon Central for Spongebob Flypants…


where I made a new friend…

A visitor

and the Runaway Raptar – where the girls got to be in the front row.


There was then some playing in the Wild Thornberrys ball play area.


before snow cones where bought and enjoyed (by the kids anyway).


and as you can see they both got new hats.

Snow cones

We then visited the tigers….

Gorgeous tiger

of course, this one reminded us all of Bailey.

This tiger reminded us of Bailey

The girls then went on the Tower of Terror – and love up. Next up AMY wanted to go on The Wiggles Big Red Car (and Kevin was worried she might be getting too old to want to come to Disneyworld).

Can't believe Amy wanted to go on this

On the Wiggles ride

On the wiggles ride

Christy had wanted to get slimed. Next best thing – seeing someone else get slimed :-).

Watching a boy get slimed

We had to stop for a photo with Spongebob and Patrick.

Meeting Spongebob and Patrick

Then it was time for me to sit and put my feet up for a bit while they went off to do Wipeout, the claw and tower of terror again.

Resting my weary feet

And I got to enjoy a chocolate muffin… but it was HUGE so I only ate half.

Afternoon tea

While waiting I was so tired – I very nearly went to sleep. But I felt a bit more restored when they returner – luckily as I had to drive home. We walked through the shops and returned the Q4U and headed home. We had bit of traffic on the way back so didn’t get to our room until after 6pm. Amy was kind enough to prepare dinner. But unfortunately both the vegetarian sausages and curly fries weren’t the greatest. Still we were fed.

Dinner prepared by Amy

I played on the computer while the girls watched some shows. Amy headed to bed just before 7.30am and Christy and I watched Got to Dance UK.

Tomorrow : A morning by the pool, then Tamborine Mountain to go searching for Thurdereggs.

4 thoughts on “The right height for Dreamworld

  1. wow – another wonderful day!! I love the idea of the virtual line gizmo – BRILLIANT!!

    and ps. you can never be too old for Disneyland!!

  2. You and the girls are having such a great time! So much to do on the Gold Coast!!! But, Libby, you will be exhausted by the time you drive home. Hope you make it! 🙂

  3. What a busy day you had! Enjoy the rest of your holiday. There are some lovely shops on Tamborine Mountain too.

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