Return to Movie World


It was well past sunrise when I woke up this morning but Amy was kind enough to get my camera and take some photos. Later she was even kinder and Christy and her went out to gather breakfast. In case you’re thinking the girls are wandering all about town on their own – the shopping center is right under our apartment complex – and one the reasons we love it here. Today they bought back Iced Chocolates from Gloria Jeans and a cheese & garlic bagette (our new favourite) from Bakers Delight. As you can see it was a very decadent morning and I got to enjoy these in bed :-).


Around 9.30am we headed to the car and were off to Movie World. I wanted to go to Wet ‘n’ Wild but the girls really wanted to go back to Dreamworld. Unfortunately it was MUCH busier than last Saturday (Queensland school holidays start tomorrow).


Don’t you just love my twins? Amy’s idea as Christy was dressed first. All I can say is wonders will never cease :-).


We we entered they headed straight off to the Scooby ride and I set up camp for the day. I took my kindle to read but actually just spent hours people watching and checking facebook occasionally :-).


They did a few more rides, including Wild Wild West and Amy went on Lethal Weapon, before they went off to play some games. I NEVER usually give them money for acrade games but they must have caught me a weak moment. $20 later and they were the proud owners of these neck ties and Amy had a pink zebra :-).


Amy and I shared vegetarian nachos for lunch.


They were delicious and we loved that you could eat the bowl as well :-).


The girls rode Scooby again and Christy even went a third time – even though there was a 45min wait time. While waiting Amy had this slushy with ice cream on top – it had a fancy name but I can’t remember it.


Around 3pm my backside had had enough sitting and we went through the shops (as we still had some money left on gift cards). We got some lollies and the girls got a couple of tops each. Christy was happy that we got to the see the parade. Personally I think it’s the worst parade in the world and the biggest waste of 15mins. But at least there was no wait time involved. The first time Kevin & I went to see the parade we waited around 30mins – we were NOT impressed (esp. being used to Disney parades).




Then it was time to head home. I sat outside with a magazine and a cup of tea, enjoying the late afternoon play of light on the buildings.


While the girls had a teddy party on the bed :-). Now this is what this holiday was all about – the girls bonding and reconnecting as sisters (and friends) – in addition to me not having to feel guilty for not taking them to Alaska :-).


At 5.30pm we headed down to the beach. Sadly our first (and probably only time) this holiday.





Our reason for being here – to explore the Night Markets. We love these and always buy a few things, and spend way too much money. On this trip we bought some bandanas for the dogs, a lovely vase for me, and the girls got new headbands, sludge (which they always get) and did some sand art. Oh, and we bought some yummy looking cupcakes to have later.




We stopped in at Noodle Box on the way home to pick up some dinner….


which we enjoyed back in our room.


After dinner the girls played with their sludge while we watched a Disney Movie. Don’t know what it was called but it was quite cute.



Then it was time to dive into the yummy looking cupcakes.


They looked too good to eat but I was fearless and cut them into thirds so we could all try some of each. And I have to say they tasted as good as they looked.


Tomorrow : Rain is forecast so we’ll most likely go shopping and see the Justin Bieber Movie (Amy is dying to see it). And Amy has been complaining of a sore ear so we might to the visit the Medical Center.