Off to Canberra for Easter


After a morning spent packing (again) we headed off to Canberra when Kevin got home from work around 1.30pm, after a quick stop at Subway and Gloria Jeans for lunch supplies. The drive down was quick, pleasant and rather noisy as the girls were very excited about seeing the Powells. Loved seeing the start of the Autumn colours on the trees.


The clouds the low and fluffy over Lake George.


Then just on 4.30pm we arrived in Canberra.


And our home for the next 5 nights.


I have stayed here before in a 3 bedroom apartment but the 4 bedroom was not quite as expected. When the Powell’s arrived the lounge with in a very interesting set up with the couches beside each other and the TV at one end. We switched the lounge and dining table so it much more sociable…. but you can’t watch the TV easily. As you can see the laptops were out almost the moment we arrived.


There are two double rooms downstairs (where the main living areas are) and the 2 kids rooms are upstairs.


While us adults chatted and enjoyed some tea the kids did some craft organised by Amy.


Then it was time for dinner – soup tonight – pumpkin (made by Leanne) and Leek & Potato (made by me). Here’s the gang all together.


We had an interesting night getting the kids sorted and playing musical beds with them due to illness and misbehaviour but eventually they all settled down and us adults got to relax and unwind.

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