A Day in my Life – 2nd May, 2011


Slept into 6.30am, which is amazing for me. Then had cuddles with Bailey and Rosie before getting up. There was a lovely sunrise this morning which made me miss my morning walks with the dogs.


After saying goodbye to Kevin and Amy I made myself another cup of tea.


When I went to check on Christy she was already up and dressed.


I reminded her to have her asthma medication as she is suffering a bit at the moment (due to having a cold).


I then made us some breakfast. Plain toast for Christy and toast with marmalade for me.


At 8.15am Christy (and Shantel) left for school on their bikes.


And I headed upstairs for my first workout on our new exercise bike.


I felt quite at home since it’s exactly the same as the ones at the gym. And boy did it feel good to sweat – it’s been such a long time since I was able to workout. Here I am nice and sweaty :-). The best part about exercising at home…. I could stay in my pj’s :-).


I showered, dressed, made the bed and came downstairs to put my feet up for a bit.


Then it was time to tackle cleaning downstairs. With my feet so swollen and painful and my heel spur acting up I had to take it easy. I did half of downstairs, had a rest, then finished downstairs. Upstairs will have to wait if I want to be able to walk this afternoon.

Ah, gotta love a clean and tidy house.


My favourite falafel salad for lunch – looks a little bland as I was out of tomato but it still tasted yum. I ate it while watching a Trinny & Suzannah in the USA that I had recorded a while back.


One of Bailey’s many snoozes.


After lunch I made some vegetable soup for Amy to have after school.


And went to do a few layouts. I’ve been really struggling with my scrapbooking lately and have been trying to decide whether to continue with it. I think I just need to try and do some each day.


As usual the pups joined me and enjoyed a sleep on the lounge.


I had to go pick up Amy from the bus stop at 3pm. She spent the afternoon packing for a music camp she’s going on tomorrow and Christy went to ride her horse (ie. bike) with Shantel. Just as I was preparing dinner the post lady (who usually comes around lunch time) arrived with a parcel from Crush Cosmetics.

IMG_1480 IMG_1481

Before dinner went in the oven I made a batch of banana muffins.


Then time for dinner. Tonight was a veggie snitzel, mashed potato and veggies.


Over dinner we had our Monday night family meeting.


While Amy went up to have her bath and I did the washing up….


Kevin played with his new toy that he got at Questacon…


I then painted my nails


and settled down to watch some Dog Whisperer….


with my puppies….


I put Christy to bed at 8pm and read her some stories, then had another cup of tea before heading to bed around 9.30pm. I read a few chapter of the Pioneer Woman romance story (loving it) and had to laugh when I found Bailey like this :-). I think he missed (his bed). Not that he minded he was like this for ages.


4 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 2nd May, 2011

  1. Hi Libby,
    Are you considering giving up scrapbooking altogether ? Sometimes I wonder what to do with all the albums, when everything else is going digital and paperless and we blog and facebook etc , yet other times I enjoy playing with the papers and textures for my own wellbeing and relaxation. I really can’t decide.

    I have been really busy lately and haven’t been blogging. When I sat down to re-think things, yours was the site I went to for inspiration. I love how you always put your family first. You are such an inspiration!

    Have a great day,

  2. Hi Libby – love the family meeting! Can you give us a few more details about how you run it and how the kids react? I used a FlyLady calendar but lately have been using Cozi, which I love because it is always on hand (for me!) but the rest of the family are not getting the benefit of it. I thought a family meeting might be a way to ensure we were all caught up!


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