Autumn 2011

Crazy that another 3 months have gone past and it’s time for another seasonal update.

I travelled to…

Sydney for a weekend away with Kevin…

Waiting to see Tim Minchin

Surfers Paradise for a family holiday…

Photo with Maverick

and Canberra to spend Easter with the Powells…


I listened to….

Glee songs and the girls music – which is constantly playing and being sung along to.

I read…

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by the Pioneer Woman (loved it), some more of the Naked in Death series books, and a stack of magazines on holidays.

I watched…

The Royal Wedding..


Pirates of the Caribbean 4,  Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, Hall Pass and Something Borrowed at the movies; Tim Minchin at the Opera House and lots of youtube videos. On TV I watched Britains Next top model, Got to dance UK, Grand Designs, Season 2 of Glee and many episodes of The Dog Whisperer. I watched Amy’s school talent show and Christy running in the cross country and playing Futsal.

We saw Mary Poppins at the theatre and reinstigated Family Movie Night – first up was Tangled which we all loved.


I wore….

Crocs (almost every day), Susan’s leisurewear pants (love them – comfy and smart at the same time),  and scarves (I have an addiction).


I scrapped…

hardly at all. I’ve really lost my mojo. I have been keeping up with Project Life however.

I made…

a scarf for Amy to wear to school. A present for Mothers Day. And I’ve making plenty of meals and goodies in the kitchen.

I planned…

our holiday to Surfers Paradise and finalized plans for our Disneyland/Alaskan trip.

By the pool

I celebrated…

Amy 12’s Birthday


Mothers Day


the Puppies birthday and Easter (chocolate is always a good reason to celebrate)

I dreamed…

of the girls being organised and keeping their stuff tidy, of our Alaskan trip and spending time with Kevin, of my hands and feet no longer hurting.

Odds and Sodds…

I did hardly any exercise – with having sore feet and a bad fall off my bike. Just getting back to it at the end of Autumn.

I got an exercise bike and set up the spare room to be used for working out, and sewing.

I fell in love with Legend, the alpaca.


We got a new fridge.

We ordered a new lounge.

We ordered new cars.

I dressed as Sue Sylvestor for Amy’s Glee Party.

Everyone had a good dose (or two) of the flu and Amy had tonsolitis for her birthday.

Both Kevin and I had a miriad of tests for various ailments – the joy of getting older.

I had two visited to Jamberoo Action Park before it closed for the season.

And I totally loved seeing signs of Autumn when we visited Canberra and the Highlands.






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  1. You sure packed a lot into one season! Have fun on that trip to Alaska….a place as beautiful as that and you’ll have a wonderful time!

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