Help support the ban of live animal exports


I’m hoping that by now most Australian’s have heard about the latest campaign by Animals Australia and the RSPCA to ban live animal export, and are getting behind the campaign. It is truly appalling and deeply heartbreaking to see animals being treated as our live exports are. If you don’t know anything about it please click on the link – the video is very upsetting but even the photos will give you an idea of what is going on (you can view the page without seeing the video). I thought the way our sheep were treated in the Middle East was bad enough, but our cows in Indonesia have it even worse. Torturing an animal, even one to be killed for food, is NEVER okay. That our government allows this is disgraceful and makes me embarrassed to be an Australian. Please be a voice for the animals and help stop the export.

One thought on “Help support the ban of live animal exports

  1. I can say without doubt the four corners doco on telly the other night about this was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life, truly shocking

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