A Day in my Life – 2nd June, 2011

Woke up around 6am – a sleep in for me – but not surprising after I had to be at the hospital last night from 7.45pm – 9.15pm having an MRI. Have to go back later today for part 2. We had cuddles with the dogs this morning. They aren’t normally allowed up on the bed these days but we’re stocking up on extra cuddles this week :-).



Eventually I got out of bed and headed downstairs and let the dogs out.


Both the girls were already up. Amy, because she has to be ready to leave just after 7am and Christy because she has an excursion today and has to be at school early


I had a cup of tea and sat for a few minutes before making Kevin & Amy a green smoothie for breakfast- which I started doing this week when they were both sick. Once Amy & Kevin had left I made some toast for Christy and left her eating breakfast while I went up to have my shower and get dressed.

Then it was time to drop her off at school.



Of course, Bailey had to come along for the ride.


Back home I unpacked the dishwasher


fed the animals, put on the first load of washing and made myself some breakfast – I’ve been on a real bagel kick lately and can’t wait to enjoy some in the USA – they are SOOOO much better than what I can buy locally.


While eating I made our finally booking for the trip  – our airport pickup I also signed a few things supporting Animals Australia’s campaign to ban live animal export – something I am very passionate about – and it finally seems to have upset a lot of Australians. The videos are absolutely heartbreaking and sickening but it’s something everyone needs to know about. I truly can’t believe that Australian animals are allowed (by our government) to be treated in this manner. Even more-so that people could be so cruel as to torture an animal that’s about to die. Looks like I’ll need to reapply my mascara as I’ve just cried it all off.

On a happier note, I hung out the first bit of washing – Christy’s quilt, and put on another load. It was so weird that all this was done by 9am!!!! I then took the laptop into the laundry so I do watch some youtube videos while doing the ironing


I went to start packing our clothes (I did my toiletries yesterday).


while the pups had a snooze.


Then Mum & Dad came to take the dogs on walk.


I had a chat with Mum & Dad when they dropped the dogs back. Then time for some lunch. I wasn’t that hungry so just a bowl of Potato and Leek Soup. Then headed off for my MRI appointment at the hospital.


I had left 15mins to get parked but the parking lots was FULL. I didn’t know where else to go  and after driving around for a bit ended up getting a bit claustrophobic and having a bit of a panic attack – a first for me. I couldn’t stand the thought of going back through the parking lot so just waited by the entrance. After about 5 mins I saw someone leaving and their car was RIGHT in front of where I waiting – how’s that for luck. Unfortunately I ended up being 15mins late for my appointment but what could I do???


I had a canula (sp?) put in, and was then taken to the MRI room. Today I had my right hand and foot done (last night was the left side). It’s noisy (even with ear muffs) but it’s surprising relaxing just lying there. I did start to cry at one stage when my thoughts had returned to the cows I watched earlier this morning. So I had to turn my thoughts to our upcoming trip :-).


An hour and half later and I was done. I was hungry so bought a packet of chips which I ate on the way home. Thankfully I was close to the exit of the car park.


Christy was due to be picked up at 4pm so I just waited at the school even though I was 20min early. The bus arrived and the kids had to get marked off, then we headed home.


I folded up the clothes from the dryer and put in another load so I get everything ironed and put away tonight. Then it was time for a cup of tea and to read some blogs. Dinner tonight was Mexi-Bean Burritos – which we haven’t had for ages. Since Christy was just finishing up her bath and Amy watching TV we decided to have a casual dinner tonight…in front of the TV.


Christy came down and we watched Got to Dance UK – about the only show she likes to watch with me. Tonights episode was all about the selecting the performers for the semi-finals.


Next we put on the Dog Whisperer and the girls wrote up their lunch orders for tomorrow. They don’t get them very often so it’s a big deal when they do.


Rosie seems to have a lot of lose fluff so I thought I’d better giver her a brush…


which was obviously VERY needed…


Later we had some ice cream and Rosie & I snuggled on the couch.


We all headed up to bed. I read to Christy, said goodnight to Amy and read on my kindle for around half an hour before going to sleep.

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