A birthday celebration


After a busy morning (getting an injection for my heel spur), and a relaxing afternoon (having manicure and pedicure) it was lovely to spend the evening with my family and close friends.


IMG_2066 IMG_2049

We just had pizza for dinner – one of my favs. plus very little clean up required.


And there was birthday cake for desert.



IMG_2064 IMG_2068

I recieved some lovely presents. A still-to-be-selected outdoor table setting from Mum & Dad (though I told them looking after the girls for 3 weeks was the best present EVER). The Powells gave me this lovely  wall hanging that Leanne made and some gorgeous photo frames.


The Burkes got me a beautiful scarf and glass clock – engraved with Life is a Journey.


The girls got me this wall hanging (which I actually spotted while out shopping).



There were also plenty of kids, which made for a noisy party.



It was a really fun night and I really enjoyed spending time with the people I love most.

2 thoughts on “A birthday celebration

  1. We had a great night too – thanks for having us over for to celebrate. Sorry some of the ohotos are a little blury – they didn’t look blury on the camera at the time 🙁 Now on to the real celebrations for you and Kevin – have a fabulous trip!

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