Up, up and away

Finally, after months of planning, it was time to head off to the USA to celebrate turning 40 – Kevin back in Feb and me just the other day. We said our farewells…


and drove to the airport. We had to meet my brother-in-law’s father-in-law and give him my car (as Kevin’s brother is it’s new owner). He then dropped us around at the international airport. The line at United was short when we joined it so we were processed quickly and onto customs. Here, I had the joy of being randomly picked for a drug test – swiping my bag, and scanning and frisking me.

We then changed some currency, browsed a few shops and had some lunch.



We then headed for our gate – which seemed to be miles away …


and finally were able to board.


We treated ourselves to premium economy – it actually wasn’t that much dearer with United and we got more leg room – which was very appreciated. I was  a little sneaky when I booked I seats and actually left one between Kevin & I. It didn’t get filled so we were able to spread out nicely.


The flight was pretty eventful. We were fed an early dinner. I watched some Glee episodes and managed to get a few hours sleep. Kevin wasn’t so lucky as the kids behind us kept banging our seats and were talking VERY loudly. Thankfully Kevin provided us both with ear plugs. 12 hours later we were in the USA.

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  1. By Cass, June 20, 2011 @ 4:30 am

    Wow, 12 hour flight!!! That would be so hard! Happy belated 40th by the way 🙂