USA – Day 1 – Arriving at Disneyland

Finally after our 12 hour flight we finally touched down in LA. Another advantage of being in premium economy was that were off the plane faster and had little wait at immigration. Customs was fast and easy too. Not sure if it was because we arrived in the United terminal, instead of the International terminal – but we were very surprised how quick it was. Staff seemed friendlier too. Our flight had been early so when we got out our meet and greet driver wasn’t there. We were looking for somewhere to wait when he arrived – perfect timing if you ask me.


He went to get the car and soon we were on our way.


30min later we pulling up to the Grand Californian Hotel.



And what  a grand hotel it is. We got checked in and were given some balloons & badges to celebrate our birthday.


Our room wasn’t ready yet (it was only 11am), so we left our luggage with bell services and  tried to decide what to do.


I really wanted a shower before heading out. We decided to go explore the hotel but before we had even stepped outside Kevin got a text to say the room was ready. I was a bit nervous of where our room would be but it is very central.




We were booked into a theme park view but got a pool view, with the theme park in the distance.


Kevin was exhausted as he didn’t get any sleep on the plane so while he had a nap for a few hours I got unpacked, showered and changed, and read through all the documents we were given.


I then went for a bit of a wander around. The main lobby is just gorgeous. There is a huge fireplace and a pianist playing.



I went to White Water Shacks and picked up a  vegetable burger. It was now 2pm and I was getting hungry. Loved the saying on the box it came in.


I sat outside on our balcony to eat my half.


Unfortunately the veggie patty was rather dry so it wasn’t the best burger ever.


Shortly after Kevin woke up and ate his half of lunch. We then got a taxi to Walmart.


We picked up some supplies and Kevin something he needed for our phones. We’ve been to this Walmart before but are still amazed at the sheer size of it, plus the range of things you can buy.


And we marvelled at the price of bananas. Kevin said it’s about $1.50 a kilo. For my non-Aussie blog readers… we are currently paying well over $10 a kilo or $2-$3 a banana (due to the cyclone in Queensland earlier this year)

Cheap bananas

Kevin wanted to get a cherry pie from McDonalds (can only get Apple in Australia) but they didn’t have any.


I, however, really enjoyed  a Rolo McFlurry.


My feet were getting sore but Kevin wanted to visit a phone shop so we walked over to it.


Unforunately there didn’t seem to be any cabs here so we walked out to the main street, still no cabs, so we walked all the way back to Walmart where we were able to call for a cab. My feet were not likely me by now. Back at the hotel I sat with my feet up for a while to try and give them a little rest. Then we head to California Adventure – using the special entrance. We picked up a fastpass for Soarin’ over California and saw where the new Cars Land is being built.


Kevin then wanted to visit the tortilla factory but it was closed. So he then wanted to do the Bakery Tour which we’ve never done before.


It was well done, as all Disney things seems to be. And the bread sample we had was delicious.



We would love to have bought one of these Mickey or Minnie breads but they are HUGE!!!


We then used one of the special fast passes (we got for staying on-site) and went of the Little Mermaid – which only just opened (officially) yesterday.




It was a cute ride, one which kids into Aerial would love, but we were glad we pretty much walked onto it.


My poor feet were very sore I reluctantly said I couldn’t do any more. Kevin got his first (I’m sure it won’t be his last) choc frozen banana.


And we used our fast passes to ride Soarin’. Love this ride.


Then it was time to head back to the hotel – loved the sign in the park :-).


We got back to the room and I put my feet up – they are so sore but I’m hoping a good overnight will see them okay in the morning. We ordered room service for dinner. I got a vegetable soup and Kevin got a flat bread pizza. Both were delicious, though expensive – $35! It’s times like this I’m glad we don’t eat very much :-).


I got yesterday blog/trip report written then it was lights out by 8pm.

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  1. First – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I dont know howe I missed your birthday post!

    Second – am loving being able to follow your USA trip! We are headed there in a few months and cant wait!!!

  2. We have Walmarts here too and just recently some Super Walmarts but we still love to visit the ones in the U.S. when we go down too! Those Americans love their Walmarts 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to stay at DGC since it opened, it is my kind of resort! One day! 🙂

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