USA – Day 2 Part 1 – Disneyland

Feeling a lot better after good nights sleep we were up at 5.30am, dressed and headed for Disneyland just after 6am. Downtown Disney was deserted.


We were second in line at the security check.


But we had at least a half hour wait so Kevin encouraged me to sit and rest my feet.

Waiting for opening

At 6.30am we had our bag checked and headed over to the main gates of Disneyland.


We were again 2nd in the line and at 7am were let into the park for our Magic Morning. I love the park when it’s virtually empty. So different to what it will be later in the day.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

It’s at this time that you see things like this…

Disneyland ducks

Our first ride was the Finding Nemo Subs – this opened just after our last visit so it was new to us. Best of all – we were first in line to ride :-).


Cute ride – better than expected. But again, I wouldn’t want to wait very long to ride it and it’s definitely a slow loading/unloading ride.


We then rode the Matterhorn and a number of Fantasyland rides. All were pretty much walk-ons.



I wanted to ride the tea cups but Kevin wasn’t keen…


but I got sit in this one :-).



Just as the park was about to officially open at 8am we rode Space Mountian (no wait). Love this dark roller coaster. One of my favs. When we got off there quite the line forming as more people entered the park.

As per our Ride Max plan we picked up a fast pass for Star Tours. Kevin had to line up for this – probably took 10mins. I went and got a bottle of water and some grapes. We then went on Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters.


Not sure what Kevin was doing – I beat him by a mile.


We then walked over to New Orleans Square to ride Pirates of the Caribbean – another long time favourite.


Kevin stopped to buy us a churro (so much better than what you get at the Australian theme parks) and we then went on the Haunted Mansion.


Next up we caught the train around to Main Street, where we got off to do a bit of shopping on Main Street.


We bought some sliced mango – but it tasted very different to the Mango we normally get. Kevin seemed to enjoy it though. I think it’s great that you can buy fresh fruit.


We then went on It’s a Small World (yet another favourite).


Loved the new (to us) additions of the Disney characters.



Then it was almost time to use our Star Tours Fast Passes. We had to wait about 10mins till our return time. With fast passes no longer available (ie. none left) and over a 2 wait we were glad to have the passes. In fact, I pretty much refuse to do any ride with fast pass available with a wait of over 15mins).


The new version of Star Tours (which opened yesterday) was really good. Kevin and I were very impressed. The ride was so much smoother and the 3-D effects really good.

Star Tours

So by 12pm we had done everything we’d set out to do – lucky since my feet were sore once more. We caught the monorail to Downtown Disney…


and got a takeaway vegetarian buritto to have for lunch.


Lucky we decided to share one as it was HUGE. We enjoyed it on our balcony…


and then I put my feet up so they would hopefully recover before we head back out later today. I took the opportunity to write up yesterdays and this mornings post. We also did a video chat with Amy – whom we accidently woke up at 5.30am – so we called back later at 7.30am so we could talk to everyone. Loved doing the video chat – so nice to see the girls (even though it’s not even been 48 hrs) and we could show them the view from our room. After a bit more a relax we’re headed to California Adventure park to see World of Colour later tonight.

4 thoughts on “USA – Day 2 Part 1 – Disneyland

  1. Libby, I am so excited to be going on vacation with you, LOL!!! It is loads of fun for your readers. How neat to have you in “the States” with us, even if you are fours hours flight time away from Oklahoma. Blogging is like having penpals, and I love reading about your life with Kevin and the girls. Have a safe and absolutely wonderful vacation. I can’t wait until you get to Alaska. You will be blown away by it’s beauty!


  2. Now that I have seen a photo of Star Tours I remembered it was closed when we were there. So that explains why I cannot remember the ride 🙂 Your post has brought back so many memories! Now I want to go back soon! Have a great time at World of Colour.

  3. You sound like a couple of kids let loose in a fun park! Do the kids mind missing out? Mine would be absolutely devastated if we left them for 2 days, let alone a week! Have fun, I’m not one for rides they make me dizzy but they look like fun.

  4. I think Kevin should totally go on the teacups with you!!! 🙂

    Looks AWESOME. I’ve never been that keen on international travel but I’m starting to change my mind on that I think!

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