USA – Day 4 – Last day in the parks

We got a true sleep in this morning – we did even set the alarm. I still woke up at 7am though. I lay in bed for a bit then got up and typed up yesterdays blog post. Eventually Kevin woke up and we got ready for the day. We enjoyed some the leftover cakes that Annie bought yesterday for breakfast – not  the healthiest, but certainly the yummiest :-). Just after 9am we headed to Downtown Disney – but no shop were yet open – so we headed back to California Adventure – which opens to hotel guests at 9.30am. We decided to head over to ride California Screamin’ when the park opens at 10am, so we were with the crowds racing to Toy Story Mania (which we never rode as we weren’t prepared to wait over an hour).


Unfortunately Screamin’ was closed (and no fast passes being given out) so we headed to Mickey’s Fun Wheel.


Since there was no-one there yet we opted for the swinging gondola – which was fun, but a bit freaky.


You get a great view from the top – check out the line for Aerial’s Under the Sea adventure about 10mis after park opening. It was around a 90min wait!!! CRAZY!!!


Screamin’ was still closed so we decided to head for Grizzly river rapids (but the fast pass machines were only working for World of Colour). We did however score a treat – Ice cream bits for me and choc banana for Kevin.


We got our fast passes (25min wait) and I made Kevin go on Heimlick’s Chew chew train which was one of Christy’s fav. rides on our last trip. It’s cute but definitely aimed at little kids.




Next up was the 4D It’s Tough to be a bug.


We loved the movie posters :-).

IMG_2416 IMG_2415 IMG_2417

Time for Tower of Terror again – such a cool ride.


We then rode Monsters Inc…


Muppet Vision 3D…


and then went to see the musical Aladin. So glad we had VIP tickets with our package as we got great seats.


One fantastic show – definitely not to be missed. The Genie is just the best.



It was about 1.30pm and we were getting peakish so we got a corn cob for our lunch. It was delicious.


Finally out last ride of the day – Grizzly River Rapids. The wait was 45min so we were greatful to have our last fastpass (given with package) to use.


The sign says you will get wet, you may get soaked…


I was one of those you go soaked. So much so I had change all my clothes, right down to my underwear! Luckily we had planned for this to be our last ride before going back to our room:-). It worked out to be great timing to do another facetime with the girls as it’s 7.30am in Australia.


I’m not big on phoning home when I’m away but being able to see everyone as we talk is wonderful. Christy has taken to pulling this face whenever we use facetime. Not sure why but it sure does crack us up :-).


I then headed down to Downtown Disney to visit Sephora – a makeup shop we don’t have in Australia.


I’d heard it was good but I had no idea they carried such a huge range. With things being so much cheaper than in Australia and the Aussie dollar being so good I stocked up on a few things and picked up some new things to try.


And I love how it was all packaged up – even though I just have to throw it all in the bin :-(.


I then went over to Wetzel’s Pretzels – which both Kevin and I had been keen to try.


Kevin got a cinnamon and I got a plain salted. And, oh boy, were they good.


I did a bit of packing as we have an early departure in the morning and had a bit of feet-up time while writing up this post. Shortly we’re headed back to Disneyland to see the new parade, do a few last rides and see the fireworks. Can’t believe the first part of the trip is almost over.

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe that line for the Little Mermaid ride!!! :O That is ridiculous!!!

    Christy’s face is hilarious!!! LOL!

    I also love how Sephora packages things up! I bought a gift certificate for my SIL for watching Kira a couple years ago and it came in this cute little case with a mirror!! 🙂

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